It’s the real-life mowgli! Farmer and son relax after hard day’s work

This boy is a real-life Mowgli – relaxing in the jungle with an elephant and a buffalo after a hard day’s work.

In a scene almost straight out of the Disney classic Jungle Book, Varee Jundang forgot all about his worries and strife with dad Jumrush Jandang and the animals.


After catching a pot full of water playfully tossed to him by his father on the back of a buffalo, the youngster then lay down on a baby elephant and read a comic book.

Jumrush is teaching his son to be a farmer in a rural area near the city of Nong Khai in Thailand, which involves plenty of hard physical work.


Photographer Visoot Uthairam, 40, captured the pair relaxing at the end of a long day.

Visoot, from Nong Khai, said: “The pictures are actually of relaxation after a long day of hard work, but it almost looks like a scene of the classic Jungle Book.

“Farming has been the main occupation for Thai people for a long time, and this shows how they relax.


“The container is an interesting piece of craftwork made by Thai people and the father filled it with water to tease his son when he threw it.

“As a career, farming doesn’t make you rich but I still think it’s praiseworthy and worth documenting.


“It’s being overlooked as an occupation by the younger generation even though it is the main job people do in rural areas.

“It’s such a shame as it’s a noble profession and Thailand is so beautiful.”