It’s no yolk – couple finally have baby after six years of failed IVF thanks to an egg


A couple who tried desperately to conceive for SIX YEARS have finally got their bundle of joy- all with thanks to an EGG.

Heartbroken Cathy Garvey, 43 and Dan Bowley, 42 from Birmingham, West Mids, spent a staggering £20,000 on four rounds of failed IVF and feared that, after six years, they would never be able to have a child.

But the new parents are now over the moon after Cathy gave birth to their son Joseph, after special fertility treatment which drip-fed the new mum egg yolks.

Cathy couldn’t believe it when she fell pregnant two weeks after her first treatment of egg yolks and soya oil, and she even did THREE pregnancy tests before she accepted it was real.

Heartbreak: Before they has little Joseph the had four failed IVF treatments and a miscarriage

Heartbreak: Before they has little Joseph the had four failed IVF treatments and a miscarriage

Cathy said: “Having Joseph has been a dream come true. It’s not something I ever thought would happen but now it has our lives are complete.

“I have always longed to be a mother and it broke my heart when I thought it would never happen. I love children and I’ve always wanted to have a family.

“My sister even let me attend her birth because I thought I would never experience it myself- it was heart-breaking.

“Having our baby was our priority and it was heart-breaking for us when we couldn’t get pregnant. But it was worth every penny because we got our baby Joseph in the end.

“I actually couldn’t believe it when I first held Joseph. I kept thinking someone was going to take him away from me. It feels real now.

Cathy said: "It was heartbreaking for us when we couldn't get pregnant"

Cathy said: “It was heartbreaking for us when we couldn’t get pregnant”

Scientists finally managed to help Cathy conceive by drip-feeding the new mum an intralipid treatment, which is a mix of egg yolk and soya oil, to fight killer cells that were destroying her chances of having a baby.

Proud dad Dan, a retail managed said: “We thought what we were having was the best treatment available but we were aware of this different yolk therapy.
“This was going to be our last try and we were going to look into adoption and fostering.

“We cried a lot when we found out Cathy was pregnant.”

Dan: “Now that we’ve got him home we feel complete.

Thanks to the rare treatment from CARE Fertility Clinic, Cathy gave birth to 7lbs 14oz baby Joseph, on July 8.

Cathy, a recruitment administrator, said: “Dan and I have both got nieces and nephews and we idolise them- we love children and have been desperate for our own.

“We went through the emotional extremes of IVF so we could have the child we had always dreamed of.”

“When I would see other pregnant women I would be very envious of them and think that would never me.”

“The cells were rejecting the embryos every time we tried IVF. This new treatment was our last chance as we couldn’t keep going through the heartbreak.”

Overjoyed: Cathy and Dan finally conceived thanks to egg yolks and soya oil

Overjoyed: Cathy and Dan finally conceived thanks to egg yolks and soya oil

The couple had to postpone their wedding due to the rising cost of trying to get pregnant, but now they have their little bundle of joy they are delighted to be able to wed, with their new son in tow.

Cathy said: “We did have to put off our wedding because we couldn’t afford it after spending so much money on fertility treatment.
“But Joseph is perfect. He’ll be the guest of honour at our wedding.”

Cathy struggled to get pregnant naturally for two years due to blocked fallopian tubes.

The couple went on to have two free rounds of IVF which all resulted in negative pregnancy tests. On the third treatment, they were delighted to find out Cathy was pregnant – but she sadly miscarried at five weeks.

It was only when the couple, who got engaged on Cathy’s 40th birthday, visited CARE in January last year, that they discovered she had Natural Killer Cells, which were attacking any embryos placed inside her.

Finally in November last year, they started the rigorous process again, for one last time.

This time, scientists decided to combat the Natural Killer Cells by giving Cathy two Intralipid infusions of egg yolk and soya oil- once when the fertilised embryos were put back inside her, and again when she had a positive pregnancy test.

The future: The happy couple are now saving for there dream wedding

The future: The happy couple are now saving for there dream wedding

Cathy said: “We decided this was our last chance at IVF. I just had a very positive feeling about it from the beginning. The clinic showed us a little video of the embryos being placed back into me, and we even got a picture. I said to Dan ‘I think it is going to work this time’

“We kept our fingers crossed and two weeks later we had a positive test- which we were overjoyed about”.

Dan said: “When we went for the early scan to check everything was OK, we were petrified yet over the moon. We saw the picture and I asked what the flashing was on the screen, and we were told it was the heartbeat.

“We both just burst into tears. We hadn’t even got that far with the other pregnancy.”

Cathy said: “While I was pregnant with Joseph I never moaned about anything. And it was amazing when I felt him kicking inside me.
“Having a baby was our priority. We’ve now started saving for our wedding and Joseph gets to be guest of honour.”

“I would recommend this treatment to anyone. The work they do is ground- breaking.