Its blake shell-ton – baby dressed as cowboy is keen to learn how to ride.. by starting out on a tortoise


This miniature Blake SHELL-ton is keen to learn how to ride – by starting out life on his way to being a cowboy on the back of a giant tortoise.

Young nine-month-old Ryett was filmed in full cowboy gear – check shirt, jeans, a hat, boots – sitting on a saddle on the back of the 125-pound animal, named Jorge.

The adorable and happy toddler seemed to be enjoying his ride, which was set up by his great auntie, Charlene Powers Walsh.

Ryett has the look in his eye of a cowboy, Charlene said.

When she uploaded the footage to her Facebook, accompanied by the country sounds of Brooks and Dunn’s “Ride ’em High, Ride ’em Low,” the video instantly went viral, gaining more than 10 million views to date.

Charlene filmed the footage at her home, in Cantrall, Illinois, USA.

She said: “I have had the idea since Ryett was born.

“I could tell by looking in his eyes that he was always going to be a cowboy and I had just the trusty steed to make his first trip outta the chute a memorable one.

“It’s obvious by Ryett’s face that he absolutely loved it!”

Charlene, 48, shot the footage on July 6, 2017, while spending time with Ryett’s father, Patrick Powers, 26.

Patrick, a single father, said that he hopes to use the video as a platform to promote the work of the Fathers’ Rights Movement, a group that looks to educate individuals on matters of child support and child custody, as well as help fathers who wish to have equal rights with a child’s mother.


Through the group, Patrick said, he has gained a lot of support during Ryett’s lifetime.

Patrick said: “A lot of dads get on there and tell their stories and suggest ways to help.

“It’s a huge tool and it’s good for support – they’ve helped me tremendously.

“And it’s really about the children; about equality; what’s best for the children.

“If this video can get people to open their eyes, or inform them of the Movement, that would be great.”