Is this UK’s fittest family? Beauty pageant winner thanks body building parents for success

 Is this the UK’s fittest family? A beauty pageant winner is thanking her bodybuilding parents for her success.

 Sacha Jones, 24, was crowned Miss Birmingham this year and her parents, Alison, 45, and Bryn, 43, are super-toned body builders who compete it competitions together.

 And not only that, Sacha’s younger brother, Grant, 21, is a MMA fighter. 

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News: Sacha Jones, 24 aka Miss Birmingham 2018 with her boyfriend, Jack Jones, 20.

 The fitness fanatic family only eat healthy food and visit the gym up to six times per week together to maintain their enviable physiques – with her muscled parents easily able to pick petite Sacha up above their heads. 

Sacha, a make-up artist, from Tipton, West Mids, said: “We are such a fit family, my parents are in amazing shape.

 “We all go to the gym together every week and will ensure all our meals are healthy and protein based.

“It’s amazing that we all do it together as it’s great motivation and definitely why I managed to win Miss Birmingham’s beauty pageant this year.

 “My parents have been body builders for years, my mum is currently training for another competition and she enters a few each year.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News: Bryn Jones, 43 and his wife, Alison, 45.

“My friends will often comment on how fit my parents are, it’s great having them as role models.”

 Mum Alison has been a bodybuilder for 15 years and is currently training for her next body building competition whilst Sacha is preparing for Miss Great Britain pageant in 2019.

 Sacha added: “I’ve focused on my health more than I ever have before, eating right and training hard with the help of my family.

 “The gym has always been in my life, as a child I would sit on the sofa playing my Nintendo DS whilst my parents trained, little did I know then I would be doing the same with them in years to come.

Pic from Caters News: Alison Jones, 45 is the mother of Sacha Jones aka Miss Birmingham 2018 from Tipton. Alison also competes as a professional bodybuilder.

 “My parents eat, sleep and breathe bodybuilding, they even own their own supplement shop.

“They are dedicated to the gym and go six times per week without fail.

“My brother, Grant, also does MMA and that’s amazing for fitness too.”

With their six packs out in full force it’s no surprise the Jones family have been told they’re the ‘UK’s fittest family.’

Alison added: “It is only natural for my children to like working out, they have grown up with it. I used to hate going to the gym but as soon as I saw the results, I became addicted.

Pic from Caters News: Sacha Jones aka Miss Birmingham 2018 from Tipton.

 “It would just be the icing on the cake If Sacha was to follow the family footsteps and start bodybuilding too.

 “We are a really fit family and most people do think it’s amazing that we’re all in such great shape but to us, it’s just normal.

 “Sacha even met her boyfriend, Jack Jones, 21, at the gym and he’s into body building too.

“Most parents spend their quality time with their children at home, watching TV and eating dinner but we go the gym together, we only have Sunday’s off so it is nice that the kids work out with us.”