Is this the UK’s best job? Wedding proposal planner showcases impressive lifestyle after ditching her 9-5 job

Is this the UK’s best job? A wedding proposal planner has showcased her impressive jet-setting lifestyle after ditching her 9-5 job.

Daisy Amodio, 37, from Balham, London, says she set up the ‘first ever’ wedding proposal planning business for fiance-to-be’s in 2012 after giving up her steady £35K per year job.

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From Barbados to Paris, Daisy has travelled across the globe planning luxury proposals that can cost as much as £800,000 for their special moment.

Seven years on, Daisy plans up to 25 proposals per month and says business at ‘The Proposers’ has never been better.

The self starting businesswoman now earns more than triple her previous salary thanks to her new venture and says she has the UK’s best job.

Daisy said: “We’ve helped 1250 couples enjoy the perfect proposal, it’s the most amazing job in the world.

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“We’ve been flown all over the place such as New York, Paris and Finland.

“We do everything from hiring celebs, Disneyland, private jets and exclusive venues, to dressing up as cats as waiters, writing Marry Me in coral reefs in Zanzibar, abseiling into caves to set-up picnic’s & hiring James Bond’s speedboat.

“One man asked us to hire out the whole of Disneyland for his proposal – we had the couples names projected onto the famous Disneyland castle followed by a huge firework display.

“The girlfriend completely loved it, and obviously she said yes!”

Daisy says it was a ‘massive risk’ to quit her previous job but was confident her new business venture was a success.

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She said: “I couldn’t love my my job as the founder of The Proposers anymore, to help make people genuinely happy and create memories they’re going to remember for the rest of their lives together is amazing.”

In recent weeks, Daisy and her team of five proposal planners were flown to Barbados for a week to organise an engagement; prior to this trip, she was sent first class to the island for three days just to chat to suppliers.

Daisy says she had has ‘toughed up’ since starting her business as for the first few years she found herself crying at most of the proposals.

She said: “You become so emotionally invested in the couple it’s hard not to get a bit teary eyed.

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“One couple gave me a huge hug after she said yes and they didn’t let go for ages – all the proposals mean so much to me for different reasons.”

The idea to create The Proposals first came to Daisy after her brother asked for her advice on how to propose to his girlfriend in 2012, which is when she noticed a gap in the market.

Since founding The Proposers, Daisy and her team have worked with sports stars, celebrities, and even Arab royalty.

She said: “With the likes of celebs like Kanye West hiring orchestras, baseball fields and fireworks, and the pressure of social media in general, it’s no wonder that proposals are getting bigger and more extravagant.

“It’s fascinating what people will do for the perfect proposal – we’ve had some crazy requests like having a squirrel deliver the rings and someone wanted the actual Queen to attend.

“One guy even asked if we could arrange for him to abseil down the Eiffel Tower!

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“Our proposals have always resulted in a ‘yes’ and we have a 100 per cent success rate.

“We have an exciting year ahead: we’re expanding the team abroad, moving offices, have new collaborations with some exciting brands and most importantly making more couples extremely happy.”