Irish teenager told she’s ‘too tall’ to become model defies bullies to walk at London Fashion Week

An Irish teenager who was told she was ‘too tall’ to become a model has defied the bullies to walk at London Fashion Week.

Aeva Andersson, 19, from Donegal, was bullied throughout school for her 6ft 2inch frame.

Pic from Caters News

After being rejected by modelling agencies for her tall frame and being branded ‘plus size’ despite only being a size 10, Aeva’s confidence hit rock bottom.

But the drama student refused to give up and Aeva joined Models of Diversity – a modelling charity who campaign for greater diversity in the modelling world – three months ago.

And last weekend [Feb 16-17] Aeva’s dream of walking at London’s fashion week came true as she walked the catwalk for renowned designers.

Aeva said: “I couldn’t believe it when one of the biggest fashion designers Malan Breton asked for me to feature in his show.

Pic by James Lyon/Models of Diversity/Caters News

“His clothes all fitted amazing, it was incredible to walk down the catwalk for him with so many people looking at his new designs.

“My dream became a reality just a few days ago, it was the most amazing experience.

“After being bullied at school and being told I was too tall to model, I feel as though I’m showing others to never give up.

“I wasn’t traumatically affected by the bullies at school but when I was called ‘plus sized’ by another modelling agency despite only being a size 10, I did wonder if I’d ever get the chance to become a mode full time.

“Now my part in London fashion week is over, I will be heading back to Ireland and focusing on how to push my modelling career forward.”

Pic from Caters News

Aeva – who is 6ft 7inches when wearing heels – says that after wanting to become a model since she was 13, that finally it seems the hard work is paying off.

She added: “I felt so confident walking down the catwalk.

“When I was told I’d struggle to find work due to my size at 13, I never imaged I’d be where I am today.

“At school I was taller than the teachers and would never get asked to school proms by boys as my height would scare them off.

“When I wore heels on a night out I would tower over everyone which would make me self-conscious but now I’ll always embrace my size.

“I hope my story shows others never to give up.”

Pic by James Lyon/Models of Diversity/Caters News

Aeva, who landed her debut at London Fashion Week thanks to Models of Diversity, couldn’t be happier with her success at the agency so far.

She added: “I have achieved so much in just three months it’s amazing, I’m so excited for the future.”

Angel Sinclair, Founder of Models of Diversity Campaign, said: “We are ecstatic that Models of Diversity has had yet another success with Aeva Andersson being handpicked by the prestigious and renowned designer Malan Breton to walk at London Fashion Week, showing how every model can overcome  diversity to fulfil their dreams.”