Indonesian women has spent over £45,000 to keep 1500 tarantulas at home!

A spider-loving woman has forked out more than £45,000 to keep more than a thousand tarantulas.

Ming Cu, 28, now loving cares for each of the pet spiders – many of them deadly.

The woman, who also own a pet shop in Bandung city, Indonesia,  keeps her hairy, eight-legged crawly friends in special beam-shaped glass jars.

Pic by Putra Aditya Herlambang/Caters News 

She said: “I have over 1500 tarantulas which I bought from Indonesia and from parts of Europe. They are exotic animals. ”

It was in 2010, when Ming Cu accidentally saw a spider in the garden of her house and was fascinated by its colour.

She started photographing the hairy pests and began saving money to buy tarantulas of varied shapes and colours.

“I was fascinated by the bright colour of the spider. It was soon after that I bought a camera and began photographing these crawlies. Then my first  tarantula was Avicularia Versicolor, which I bought for £28.26.”

“In the last seven years, I have spent tens of thousands on buying my favourite animals. I have 60 different varieties of the tarantulas which I have keep in different jars according to their type and size. I feed them regularly and take care of them like my babies,” she said.

Pic by Putra Aditya Herlambang/Caters News 

As a doting parent to her pets, Cu spends about eight to ten hours a day taking care of the spiders. She has, in fact, come up with a way to never miss feeding them.

“I have prepared a schedule and marked a paper note each on the jars so I know whom I have fed and who needs to be fed,” she says.

While Cu’s unlikely hobby is a hit among her friends, who line up at her home to glance at her pets, she says her choice was strongly opposed by her parents.

Pic by Putra Aditya Herlambang/Caters News –

“My parents used to tell me that tarantulas are poisonous but I had made my mind up this is what I wanted to do.

Tarantulas like other pets deserve the love and affection. They are exotic and I want to keep adding more and more tarantulas to my house,” she added.