Incredible video shows teenager skating down the hill through French Alps at 68mph

Incredible video shows a teenage adrenaline junkie skateboarding down the French Alps at a speed of 68mph.

Josh Neuman, 19, a professional downhill skateboarder from Charlotte, North Carolina, went on a five-week trip to Europe last year.

Pic By Josh Neuman/ Caters News

However, the teenager’s best experience was when he went down the hill through French Alps at an incredible speed of 68mph.

Footage shows the young man skating through the breathtaking Alps with roads surrounded by lush green conifer trees and rocky mountains, at an average speed of 45mph.

Josh said: “The average speed throughout the trip was around 45mph. But the speed went up to 68mph when I was skating through French Alps.

“I enjoyed skating through Alps because the roads were some of the best in the world, the views were amazing, and the camping and exploring, I did in the French Alps was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.”

Josh has been skating since the age of 12.

Pic By Josh Neuman/ Caters News

However, his role model is not just any skater but his dad, Chris Neuman, who works as an emergency room doctor and is also a runner and triathlete.

Josh said: “My dad inspired me when I was a lot younger and he took me mountain biking.

“He told me if you don’t fall, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.

“This mindset transferred into longboarding for me and is what I dedicate a ton of my progression to over the years.”

Josh admitted skating at a fast pace is sometimes very risky.

Pic By Josh Neuman/ Caters News

Josh, who is also a videographer and an entrepreneur, and owns a videography company called NeuVision Media, said: “The amount of risk involved while skating depends on the road. Some roads are closed and have places to safely fall while some roads can have cars on them as well as guard rails and cliffs.”

“I’ve broken my wrist a couple times and cut my knee open down to the bone.”