Incredible little girl recites entire periodic table of element at just four

This incredible little girl has learnt the entire periodic table of elements at just four-years-old.

Clever Zia Purohit from Greenville, North Carolina, loves science and she managed to learn all the elements in a week.

Pic by Sheela Purohit / Caters News

Her mum Sheela Purohit, 33, says that little Zia was inspired after a recent trip to the Space Center as she wanted to learn more about the different elements involved in space travel.

Sheela said: “Zia loves Science and everything about Outer space. We visited Space Center recently and she wanted to learn more about Rocket ships.

“In the process, she learnt about different elements constituting the making of a rocket ship/space ship. She wanted to know more about the elements.

Pic by Sheela Purohit / Caters News

“So we borrowed a book from the library and then I made flash cards at home so it’ll be easier for her to relate. She in fact learnt all of the elements in less than a week.

“She is always interested in Science. There are other videos of her talking about different aspects of science both physical and life sciences.

“She loves Science and loves doing experiments. She even had an Outer space themed birthday party for her 4th Birthday.

Pic by Sheela Purohit / Caters News

“She always liked books and watched shows involving science or science experiments mainly related to Outer space. So we just encouraged her interest. She could identify all the planets and dwarf planets when she was less than one year old.”