Incredible footage of 37 weeks pregnant pole dancer swinging around pole in sky high heels 

This incredible footage shows a 37-weeks pregnant pole dancer wearing sky-high stilettos as she swings around the pole with implausible ease. 

 Ines Rosa Marques Jasieniecka, 26, is nearly nine months pregnant but the heavily pregnant mum-to-be hasn’t shied away from practising her newly-learnt hobby – even after conceiving her first child. 

Pic by Ines Rosa/ Caters News: Nine months pregnant Ines spitting upside down

 Ines practices the dance form every day for an hour at her home, spinning around her pole wearing killer heels and even still balances precariously upside down.

At one point in the incredible footage, she even removes her hands from the bar and spins around the pole with only her tightly-crossed legs holding onto it. 

 But flight attendant Ines, who is originally from Portugal but now lives in Dubai, claims the cheeky moves are not harming her baby and are keeping her active both mentally and physically throughout the pregnancy. 

Pic by Ines Rosa/ Caters News: Ines, 26, flaunting her baby bump in different exercise poses

 Ines said: “The dancing gives me so much energy physically. 

 “I even feel like I have more energy now than I used to have before.

“The most important thing for me is that it makes me feel happy, confident and strong.”

Ines learnt the highly demanding dance form just two years ago after moving to Dubai and has since been practising every day without a miss. 

The young mum said her doctor approves of her hobby but she now feels frustrated at times because of the limitations she faces due to her bump. 

Pic by Ines Rosa/ Caters News: Ines Rosa hanging upside down on the pole during the 4th month of her pregnancy

Ines said: “Pole dancing is my hobby. 

“Even after I conceived, I felt no pains while practising. I just kept doing what my body would allow me to do. 

“The most important is to listen to your body.

“I am so happy that I’m still able to pole dance.

“My doctor tells me in every appointment how important it is to exercise during pregnancy, so pole fitness is another form of exercise. 

“Obviously at this stage I’m very limited on the moves, but it makes me feel good to just spin around.

Pic by Ines Rosa/ Caters News: Ines got her favourite cartoon character Simba from Lion King painted on her belly by her friend.

 “Sometimes I get frustrated because I am not able to do a certain move that I was doing before pregnancy. 

“But then I realise that I should be happy for everything that I’m still capable to do nowadays, with the extra weight and a big belly.”

Ines posts her moves on her Instagram page @Ines.dancerwhere she often is praised for her strength and confidence.  

She understands some people may claim she’s harming her baby but she said it doesn’t affect her because she is confident she is doing the right thing. 

** Mandatory Credit**Pic by Ines Rosa/ Caters News: Ines say she feels happy, confident and strong by pole dancing with her baby

She said: “My entire family have always supported me, they know I’m not doing anything to harm the baby, I am just staying fit. 

“We live in a world where being judged is part of our daily life, but if it’s not people I love and that I care about, I don’t care much about their opinion.”