‘I’m his wife, not his mum!’ – Sex addict pensioner who married toyboy 25 years younger fed up of disapproving strangers

A pensioner who is fed up of shouting, ‘I’m his wife, not his mum,’ after marrying her Toyboy is proving that her 25-year age gap relationship is stronger than ever.

Carole 70 with husband Paul 45

Carole 70 with husband Paul 45

Carole, 70, and her Toyboy husband Paul, 45, maintain they are still madly in love despite disapproving strangers.

The couple who live in Colchester, Essex, claim it was love at first sight when they first met in Portsmouth when Paul was 21-year-old musician.

They started dating and despite vicious comments about their visible age-gap the couple married two years later.

The couple have been married for 22-years and publically show off their love despite critical strangers sneers and stares,

Pensioner Carole, said: “I’m tired of telling people I’m his wife and not his mother.

Paul 30 and Carol 55

Paul 30 and Carol 55

“People are always making this mistake whenever they see us together but we’re used to it now after so many years of it.

“We always correct anyone who thinks I’m his mum because we’re proud of our love and have nothing to hide.

“Whenever we’re out together we get a few stares but we just smile and wave at people.

“On our first date in public people were staring at us and making snide remarks, eventually it got too much and I had to tell them to mind their own business.

“They said I was old enough to be his mum and that I should know better, but I told them they were wrong and that I could do things his mum never could.

Carole 70 with husband Paul 45

Carole 70 with husband Paul 45

“We love each other so we don’t care what people think, even when I see him now my heart still skips a beat – we are true soul mates.”

Carole first met her future Toyboy husband in 1992 while volunteering her time as a promoter to help new musicians get gigs at pubs in Portsmouth.

Despite Paul being a little apprehensive to date someone older than him at first, he quickly fell in love and with Carole who was 46-years-old at the time.

Paul, who is currently unemployed, said: “One of my first memories of Carole was my dad spotting her and telling me it was a shame he was married because she was such a good looking woman.

“Me and Carole became friends and starting meeting up for drinks and food.

“Everything changed on one drunken night while we were walking home hand in hand and she told me she wanted to take me to bed.

Paul 22 and Carole 47 on their wedding day in 1994

Paul 22 and Carole 47 on their wedding day in 1994

“I was a little shocked at first and thought she was too old for me, but deep down I knew I really liked her.

“After walking her home I told I’d see her in my dreams and from there we went on a date and I knew I wanted to be with her.”

The couple decided to wait two years before getting married to see if they could make their relationship work and despite remarks from strangers they survived to tie the knot in 1994.

Paul said: “Before I married Carole my mum asked me if I had doubts about marrying Carole because of her age and that she’d probably die before me.

“She told me it wasn’t too late to pull out but I’d given her two years and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

Paul and Carole on their scooters

Paul and Carole on their scooters

“Either one of us could die before the other, I could be hit by a bus tomorrow, the age difference won’t stop that.”

Despite being together for 24 years the couple still receive remarks when they’re out in public.

Paul added: “A friend once told me that I shouldn’t be ‘shagging a granny’ but I just shrug things like that off, we don’t need people like that in our lives.

“I don’t think people realise that Carole wasn’t old when I met her, in fact she was a sex addict back then and she really used to tire me out.

“We used to go into different parks and make love – we were caught a couple of times by security and asked to leave but it was such a thrill.

“We’ve got nothing to hide and don’t care what other people think, I love her as much as I did when we were younger.

“Despite being 25-years younger she’s been my rock after I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and other medical problems.

Carole 70 with husband Paul 45

Carole 70 with husband Paul 45

“She’s been my only relationship and I know I chose the right person to spend the rest of my life with.

“I never thought I would end up marrying someone so much older than myself but Carole means the world to me.”

The couple say they are still as infatuated as they were when they first met but instead of dancing the night away they’re busy racing in their mobility scooters.

Carole said: “For me I think it was love at first sight, he was very good looking then and when I heard his voice for the first time I was blown away.

“We’ve had our problems like any couple does but I still love Paul as much as I did then, and he tells me he loves me every day too.

“Our one regret is that we couldn’t have children of our own, however we have three beautiful grandchildren – I don’t think Paul ever expected to be a Granddad at such a young age but we couldn’t be happier.

“Sometimes it’s been difficult, like when Paul became ill, I expected to have a Toyboy and now I’m looking after him – he even got his bus pass before I did.

Carole 70 with husband Paul 45

Carole 70 with husband Paul 45

“But we love each other and to us age doesn’t matter because we’re soul mates.”