I go out on the pull with my husband! Transgender husband and his wife go out to find the perfect bloke – together!

Meet the husband and wife who play wing-woman for each other on a night out – while they both look for their perfect bloke.

Claire Atkins and Celeste Atkins

Claire Atkins and Celeste Atkins

Claire Atkins, 41, from Langworth, Lincolnshire was shocked when her husband of six years, Marcus, 37 announced that he wanted to live as a woman.

The former butch builder sold his motorbike to pay for 36E breasts, started taking hormones and changed her name to Celeste in 2013.

But Claire and Celeste, who have three children, decided to continue living together and despite still being married remain best friends – and even help each other track down Mr Right.

In December, Celeste had full gender reassignment surgery to complete her transformation – and now the pair, who are both single, head to nightclubs together at a weekend on the lookout for men and even have acted as a wing-woman for each other.

Celeste Atkins holding a photo of herself when she was Marcus

Celeste Atkins holding a photo of herself when she was Marcus

Claire, a student nurse, said: “We’ve both said that we probably get on better now than we did while we were married.

“We go out most weekends so it’s quite normal now and have a lot of fun together playing wing woman for each other.

“We’re both very supportive and want each other to be happy and find someone who is suitable for each other.

“Seeing Celeste with other people doesn’t bother me in the slightest, the only time I’ll object is if I think she’s got her vodka goggles on.

“She normally doesn’t agree with my choice of men but she likes pretty boys and I prefer them all grungy and wearing greasy overalls so it’s different.

Claire Atkins and Celeste Atkins enjoying drinks in the pub

Claire Atkins and Celeste Atkins enjoying drinks in the pub

“We’ve never had to fight over the same man yet as we like really different times she prefers the more glamorous guys.

“She’s quite protective over me and my choice in men, if anyone upsets me they have her to deal with.

“At the end of the day anyone I want to have a relationship with has to accept Celeste and her past too.

“Marcus and Celeste are polar opposites, he wasn’t a people person at all but Celeste she’s really sociable, outgoing and friendly with everyone she meets.

“You couldn’t have found a more manly man before with the way he acted and looked, you would wouldn’t ever have thought for one minute he’d become Celeste, it wouldn’t seem possible.

“Most people think it’s really weird and say they would have been out the door and gone but for me I couldn’t leave her – we’re not a conventional family but who is nowadays.”

Claire Atkins and Celeste Atkins holding a photo from their wedding day

Claire Atkins and Celeste Atkins holding a photo from their wedding day

Claire and Marcus first met in 2005 after being introduced by a mutual friend, within a year they were married and went on to have two children, as well as Claire’s daughter froma previous marriage.

After seven years of marriage Claire started to worry her husband was having an affair after he started to drink more and the couple stopped having sex.

In December 2012, a drunken Marcus broke down on their staircase and confessed that he always known he was a woman in a man’s body and wanted to start living as Celeste.

Celeste, 37, said: “I had been trying to convince myself I was a guy my whole life when I wasn’t, I’d turned to masculine interests like motorbikes when deep down I wanted to ride ponies.

“I was terrified of what my family would say, telling Claire was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done but I couldn’t carry on.


“Our sex life was non-existent, it had stopped years before because I wasn’t attracted to Claire and she was fed up of me going to the pub and getting drunk.

“One night after a drink for courage I cried and blurted out what I wanted to say for my whole life – that I was born in the wrong body and was a woman.”

She changed her name to Celeste and started on feminine hormones she bought off the internet before selling her motorcycle to pay for breast implants in 2013.

Claire decided to stick by her transgender partner while she underwent surgery and started to physically become a woman.


Claire and Marcus on their wedding day

Last December she even had gender reassignment surgery and is now looking to date men.

And she claims their two daughters, 15 and three, and their son, nine, have always been accepting of their unusual family situation.

Celeste said: “It was really difficult knowing how to tell our children that I needed to look different and be a girl, but they have been really accepting.

“I think our youngest daughter will never remember me as a man, she was three when I started dressing as a woman.

“They have all been totally supportive, proud and stayed alongside me even when I didn’t look myself early into the transition.

“My kids have been great and done little things like holding my hand to show me support.

Claire and Celeste out on the pull

Claire and Celeste out on the pull

“They stopped calling me ‘dad’ as soon as I told them; they just call me Celeste now.”

Celeste added: “I still love Claire to pieces, she’s been my rock and pushed me so hard to face the challenges of transgender surgery I can’t thank her enough.

“Now when I see pictures of myself before I became a woman I can barely recognise the person staring back at me, I’m finally able to be the lady I knew I am inside.

“Both of us are now moving on with our lives and there’s nothing more I want then for Claire to be happy and find a man.

“Our taste in men is totally opposite, so we’ve don’t have to worry about pinching each other’s boyfriends.”