“I didn’t know I was pregnant!” Woman givers birth to shock baby at GP surgery after believing she had a kidney infection

A woman who didn’t know she was pregnant has given birth to a healthy baby… after heading to her GP thinking she had a kidney infection.

Clare Evans, 24, from Newport, South Wales, had no idea she was pregnant until her waters broke on on October 6.

Kidney Infection Baby Birth

Clare Evans with her baby, Erin

After a whirlwind labour, Erin Louise Roberts was born at 1.24pm, weighing in at 6lbs 12oz, in the treatment room at Risca Surgery.

Earlier that morning, Clare contacted the out-of-hours surgery at Risca, complaining of pains in her abdomen. 

Kidney Infection Baby Birth

Clare thought the pain in abdomen was due to her kidney infection but had no idea she was pregnant

“They told me on the phone that they suspected I had a kidney infection, so advised me to come in later on that day,” she said.

“When I got to the surgery I was in quite a lot of pain and because they thought it was an infection, asked me to give a urine sample. But when I went to the toilet my waters broke.”

Clare was rushed into the treatment room at the surgery and after being examined by a doctor she was told staffe could see a head and that she was nine centimetres dilated. 

Kidney Infection Baby Birth

Clare was rushed into the treatment room after being examined by doctors

She said: “I was so shocked; I told them that I didn’t know I was pregnant. My life changed then and there in a matter of seconds.

“I had no signs of pregnancy, I didn’t have any morning sickness and I didn’t have a bump.

“The first sign was the pain I experienced that morning.”

Although the on-call midwife, Lisa Thompson and an ambulance were called, Clare’s  contractions were so close together she was
unable to go in the ambulance and baby Erin had to be delivered at the surgery there and then by Doctor Susan Emerson, her partners and the midwife. 

Kidney Infection Baby Birth

Both mother and child made a healthy recovery

And Clare, who was full term, managed the half an hour birth with no pain relief.

Mother and baby were then taken to Newport’s Royal Gwent Hospital to be checked over, but they were both healthy and discharged.

Two-week-old Erin is the first and only baby to be born at Risca Surgery.

Nurse Manager, Sarah Bell said: “I can confirm that the baby was born here, it was our very first baby to be delivered on site in over 30 years!”

First-time mum Clare said she was overwhelmed by the surgery staff, as well as the mid-wife and paramedics, who helped during the labour.

She added: “My friends and family have been great. My sister, who was also extremely shocked has been brilliant and has given me loads of items, including a pram which she used for her daughter.”

“The whole community has been great; everyone has been so helpful and come together, as before I had Erin, I didn’t even have one nappy!

“I love motherhood, even though it was completely unexpected I wouldn’t change it for the world.”