Husband-to-be flies around the world to surprise future wife with love song and piano proposal in restaurant

This is the romantic moment a doting husband-to-be surprised his future wife with an incredible proposal, sneaking into a restaurant on the other side of the world to play the piano, sing, and get down on one knee.

Pic by Mint Rose Emily / Caters

Not letting a long-distance relationship get in the way of his plans, Junsik “Jun” Yoon flew to the Helsinki, Finland, restaurant to surprise Minttu Nykanen, who was none the wiser that her future husband would be in attendance.

Jun, who is based in the United States, walked up to the piano in the beautiful restaurant, Kappeli, before beginning to play Ed Sheeran’s smash hit, “Thinking Out Loud”.

Sitting a few tables away from the piano, stunned Minttu, 22, soon realised whose voice she was listening to.

Having got up from her table and approached 33-year-old Jun, Minttu then stood, her hands on her heart in amazement, as her future husband played out the rest of the song.

Once Jun had finished to the performance – and following a loving embrace – he got down on one knee and asked Minttu the big question.

Minttu said: “When I managed to get up and walk over to him, I just wanted to hug him – I had missed him so much.

“The shock did not go away and I was just so surprised, I was shaking. But I was very happy as well.

“When the song ended, I finally got to hug him.

Pic by Mint Rose Emily / Caters

“Then he told me he had a question, and when he got onto one knee I started crying from happiness.

“I cried a lot. It was difficult to cry and say yes at the same time.

“I was so shocked and surprised for a long time afterwards, but also so thankful to him and also to my friends who helped to set up and film everything.”

The pair had first met in Jun’s home city of Seoul, South Korea, in November 2012, and by the fall of 2013 both had started studying physical therapy – Jun in America, Minttu in Finland.

Agreeing that a long-distance relationship was best for them, given that they had no time for dating and their intense studies, the couple made their relationship work over the years to come.

To prepare for his surprise proposal, on June 2011, 2017, Jun visited Finland in December 2016 and began looking for locations that happened to have a piano.

“Thinking Out Loud”, he said, was the perfect song, as it expressed the pair’s relationship, and was also in English. (It was better than singing one of Minttu’s favourite Korean song in such a restaurant, Jun joked.)

Pic by Mint Rose Emily / Caters

Learning the song took about 100 attempts, Jun said, because English is his second language.

He then called on the help of Minttu’s friends, who were kind enough to film the event for the couple, who recently released the video to the public.

Since the proposal, Minttu has moved to the United States to study for a doctorate in California.

The pair plan to get married soon before having full wedding ceremonies in three countries – the U.S., South Korea and Finland – at later dates.

Jun said: “Our friends and family love the video.

“Everyone thinks it was such an amazing surprise – and they say: ‘It’s just like in the movies.'”