Hole lot of piercings: Tattoo fanatic has more than 4500 piercings in one sitting smashing world record

A tattoo fanatic has broken the world record for most piercings in one sitting, enduring more than a whopping 4500 in EIGHT HOURS.


Matthew Menczyk during the sitting in which he was pierced more than 4500 times

Matthew Menczyk had 4550 surgical needles pierce skin on his arms and up his back – breaking the previous record by an impressive 650.


After fighting through the painful 8 hour sitting, Matthew managed to beat the previous record by 650

Looking like a layer of armour has been woven into his skin, Matthew, 30, fought through the blood and pain to smash the old record for “Most Surgical Needle Piercings in One Session (8 hours timeframe)”.


Matthews skin resembles a piece of armour

Body modification specialist Russ Foxx carried out the record smashing session in Vancouver, Canada.


Body modification specialist Russ Foxx completed the procedure

Russ, 32 from Vancouver, said: “It was a very long day, but we managed to achieve a current world record.

“The most painful part for Matthew was removing the needles.

“We were taking them out by the handful to be quick.

“Five to 10 at time and just yanking them out like that.”

The previous record had been 3900, which was set by American Tyson Turk in 2011.

Matthew underwent the pain to raise money for Directions Youth Services (DYS) which helps at risk youth in Vancouver.

Matthew, otherwise known as ‘Can Can’, said: “I just wanted to cry because of the pain.

“I was biting things, punching things but I endured and it was all for a good cause!”

DYS provides a 24 hour drop-in centre, safehouse and the only youth exclusive detox program in British Columbia.