Hit me lady one more time! backing dancer to Britney, Beyonce and other pop stars turns to MMA

A backing dancer for stars such as Britney Spears and Beyoncé is taking up a career in MIXED MARTIAL ARTS.

Teri London

Teri London

Teri London has appeared in numerous music videos and concerts for the pop queens but has recently opted for a far more violent way to spend her time.

The 29-year-old fighter, from Orlando in Florida, USA, joined the Lingerie Fighting League, which sees female combatants fight in a selection of racy lingerie.

An LFC bout has all the action of a regular MMA contest but with more focus on ground work than stand up striking.

In order to be in top shape for fights, Teri trains for nearly eight hours a day.

As well as honing her fighting skills, her training schedule includes gym work, hitting the dance studio, running and swimming.

Teri continues to dance around this hectic schedule, and has also appeared in routines for stars Pitbull and Skrillex.

Teri London vs Roxanne

Teri London vs Roxanne

The fighter, who continues to dance and also models, revealed her interest in MMA and boxing came from her older brothers.

She said: “I became interested in LFC because it combines fighting with sexy outfits – as a dancer I just thought it was a really cool mix.

“Dancing and MMA require lots of discipline and, obviously, you have to keep your body in peak condition.”

Nicknamed ‘Feisty Fists’, Teri has had two fights so far – LFC 19 and LFC 20 – with a record of 1-1.

Both of Teri’s fights have been held in Las Vegas, with her next bout scheduled to take place in February 2016.

Teri London second from righ

Teri London second from righ

In her second fight, at LFC 20, Teri was far more confident in the ring, winning the fight, as well as praise from her friends and family.

She revealed her parents are extremely supportive of her exploits as a fighter.

She added: “I’m my own biggest critic so I saw lots I still need to work on but I’m the type who will put in the work.

“Someday I’d like to hoist the championship belt.”

Shaun Donnelly, founder and CEO of LFC, believes looking pretty in lingerie isn’t enough to succeed in the LFC.

He said: “The girls have to be able to move in the cage and protect themselves.

“LFC isn’t nearly as brutal as a UFC fight, but there are black eyes and split lips.

Teri London

Teri London

“Ultimately some contestants are lingerie models, so they don’t want to destroy their looks by beating each other to bloody pulps.”