“He’s thin and I’m fat but that’s how we roll” – mum who weighs 16st more than husband reveals how ‘mixed-weight relationship’ is perfect

A mum who weighs 16st more than her husband has revealed how their ‘mixed-weight relationship’ is perfect.

Emma and Stuart Grundy have been together since they were teenagers after meeting at their local supermarket.

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The pair – who have been married for two years – claim they are complete opposites in every way but that they’re perfect for one another.

Stuart who is quiet and reserved, with a slim 9st build, was attracted to Emma’s loud and bubbly personality instantly and has never had an issue with her 25st frame.

And the unlikely duo went viral earlier this week after Emma posted about their ‘mixed weight relationship’ online, stating ‘he’s thin and I’m fat but that’s how we roll.’

Emma felt she needed to speak out about their relationship to show that although they may not look compatible they couldn’t be happier.

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The full-time mum-of-three, from Hyde, Manchester said: “I’ve always been bigger than Stuart but after having three kids I have put on more weight.

“At my heaviest I weighed 27st stone but Stuart has always been no more than 9st.

“It has never bothered us that I’m bigger than Stuart as we’re both so happy and in love with each other.

“When I first met Stuart I was attracted to how shy he was as that wasn’t my usual type and after our first date as teenagers we’ve been inseparable ever since.

“I think it’s important to show others how happy we are as although some people might think we don’t look compatible we couldn’t have a better relationship.

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“We both just feel so lucky and grateful to have met each other and there’s no reason why any mixed-weight relationship wouldn’t work.

“We’ve never had any backlash about our size differences but we’re not bothered by anyone’s negative opinion anyway as they’re irrelevant.

“I think it’s obvious from all of our photos together that we’re madly in love.”

After writing a post on Facebook about being in a ‘mixed-weight relationship’ Emma – who is currently a size 26 – received dozens of supportive messages.

She added: “It was so lovely to read so many lovely messages about how great we looked together.

“I don’t think anyone is ever happy no matter their size and I’ve accepted I’ll never be skinny.

“Stuart has always said he loves me no matter what size I am as my personality has never changed since we met as teenagers.

“I am really confident with my appearance and I have no issues with being bigger than Stuart.

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“I hope other women embrace being bigger than their partners as there’s so much more to life than being slim and dieting.

“We are a very happy family and along with our three children, Evie-Mai, eight, Ollie, six and Bonnie-Lou, 10 months, we have the best home life together.

“I think it’s important to share stories like ours to break down the stigmas attached to women being a certain size.”