Heartbroken adventurer converts old ambulance to travel world 

Pic by Ian Dow/Caters News 

A HEARTBROKEN adventurer left with nothing after splitting with his fiancé has now converted an old ambulance into a campervan to travel the world.

Ian Dow decided to use the medical vehicle to make his journey after breaking his shoulder in a motorbike accident.

He spent four months converting the ambulance and another two months of shopping for things on board.

Pic by Ian Dow/Caters News

Now Ian – who has become an Instagram star with his pictures from locations around the world – said he loves his new found freedom after four months on the road.

The 33-year-old, who originally hails from Newport Beach, California, added water tanks to the roof, a heated shower and a sink.

Ian – who is single – said: “My fiancé broke up with me.

“I was left with nothing and needed a place to live. Prices for rent in Newport Beach CA are high so I started thinking and looking for alternative options.

“I had a nasty fall on my motorcycle and had an epiphany while laying in the mud. I had seen a few ambulances for sale on eBay.

“I needed something to save me from the situation I’d found myself in.

“That night while nursing a busted shoulder I searched eBay and found a low-priced ’94 Ford ambulance.

Pic by Ian Dow/Caters News

“I made a bid and won. Then realized I’d have to fly to Missouri to get it. That’s where it all began.”

The ambulance now has an astroturf lawn on its roof and a spot for his tent.

Ian – who travels with his pal Dylan – has been to seven countries in the ambulance so far, including Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Ian added: “I built a rack over the cab to hold my spare tires and my dingy.

“Inside I’ve added a foldout table, a cedar lined closet with self closing drawers, a swivel on the passenger seat so it can flip around.

Pic by Ian Dow/Caters News

“The kitchen is lined with white subway tiles and a bamboo surface for cutting on. I also added a cast iron on black glass two burner stove top. On the right side of the kitchen there is a closing trash porthole so my garbage is stored outside of my living space.

“I’ve also added a multi bed system that allows for a narrow, twin or queen size bed setup, all with 3in memory foam topped on my cushions.

“There are also some large drawers, a pantry, cleaning materials and storage under the sink, my refrigerator, storage for fishing equipment, ukuleles and a longboard surf board on the ceiling.

“The walls and ceiling in the ambulance have been insulated heavily and covered with foam wrapped in vinyl for a nice easy to clean finish.

Pic by Ian Dow/Caters News

“The floors are solid teak and the moulding I made myself out of an exotic wood called Pauduk. Every surface in the ambulance has been cleaned then covered by exotic hardwoods or nice materials. I’ve also added a bar that holds bottles of tequila most of the time.

“One of the most important adds is the pull down big screens I have on the side and rear doors. Without them, the trip would be miserable.

“I park up and find a good spot where I won’t be bothered or bothering anybody.

“I was planning a 6 month trip but it’s looking more like 10 now. If I had the funds I wouldn’t stop.”