Harry Potter mega fan teacher transforms classroom into Hogwarts

A Harry Potter mega fan teacher has transformed her classroom into Hogwarts.

 Tressa Mellow Bargella, a teacher at Valley View Intermediate in Pensylvania, US, loves the book and film series so much she decided to base her entire third grade classroom on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

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Creative Tressa, 39, was previously a kindergarten teacher for the past 13 years before school changes meant she was moved to teaching eight to 10-year-old children in August.

 So when her pupils came back from summer holiday, they were amazed to see the classroom decorated with a Nimbus 3000 broomstick, a sorting hat and even a wizard which took twelve months to craft.

Mum-of-three Tressa said: “I’m very big into scenes and finding a way into getting kids into school. I love Harry Potter and wanted the kids to get involved more for personal academic and life lessons. 

“You can imagine such a creation took a while to make, whilst some of it was made last summer.

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“I took all summer long to craft the classroom with the majority being handmade, only a few items were purchased.

“Some were 15 hour days, sometimes working into 11pm to create it. 

“All the children get excited when I put on my ‘British glasses and accent’. They’re all well behaved and love it!”

 Tressa spent £379 [$500 USD] on the transformation and even enlisted husband Todd, to help her trawl flea markets 

Her stunning transformation has since gone viral on social media, racking up 135,000 likes and shares on social media.

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Tressa said decorating her classroom helped make the transition for her as well as giving her a new purpose and focus.

But she admitted friends and family were not surprised, given she is such as huge fan of the J.K. Rowling sensation.

 Tressa said: “I’ve spent a lot of money but I didn’t think about it.

 “I travelled all summer between yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets.

“I live in a small town and have a following and people were very helpful and supportive.”