Greggs worker who piled on pounds eating sausage rolls ditches greasy snacks to drop 10 stone

A sausage roll shop worker has managed to lose 10 stone by giving up the pastry treats she served every day.

Sausage Roll Weight Loss

After Stacey gave up the sausage rolls, she managed to shed half her body weight

Stacey Nugent, 24, from Toddington, Beds, was used to scoffing sausage rolls for breakfast and snacking on doughnuts every day at her job in Greggs.

Sausage Roll Weight Loss

The former Greggs worker used to snack of the greasy treats which forced her weight to balloon

Making the most of her staff discount, she put on so much weight that she ended struggling to squeeze into size 30 clothes.

Sausage Roll Weight Loss

Stacey at her biggest when she struggled to fit into size 30 clothes

But after switching her greasy snacks and sweet treats for her sandwich shop’s healthy alternatives she now wears a slinky size 10.

Sausage Roll Weight Loss

Stacey managed to lose a whopping ten stone and is now enjoying her slim figure

Stacey said: “Every morning I would head to work and it would just be normal for me to fill up on whatever the customers were having.

“Now I can’t believe I ever thought that eating pastries for every meal was a good idea!”

At 20 stone, Stacey was used to snide remarks about her weight from strangers in the street and being unable to find clothes on the high street to fit her huge frame.