Graduation celebration! Student family complete academic hat trick by all graduating in same week – from same university

By Dan Coles

Two twins and their mother have all graduated in the same week – at the same university.

Triple threat team mum Lynn Casey-Baker, 52, and children Domonic Casey, 20 and twin sister Annie-May, 20, all picked up their degrees from Worcester University earlier this month.

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Counsellor and single mum Lynn completed a master’s degree in counselling while Domonic took home a two-year foundation degree in business management at the same time as Annie-May finished an identical course in sports coaching and PE.

And the educated trio, from Bromsgrove, Worcs, said they didn’t mind bumping into each other on campus or at student parties – with spotting their mum happily not ruining the younger students’ street cred.

Mum-of-three Lynn said: “I chose to study for my Master’s degree at Worcester as the course ticked all the boxes.

“I liked what I had already seen of the university from visiting with Domonic and Annie-May.

“We have shared many special family moments, this is one of them.

“Studying at the same time as my children has been a good experience.”

Domonic, who lived in student accommodation in Worcester during his degree, added: “It didn’t really bother me that we were all attending the same university, it was quite nice actually.

“I didn’t really know anyone, so it’s nice to have some familiar faces about.

“My mum is inspiring with her work ethic.
“She managed a full time job whilst studying a full time course, all in order to make sure her three kids have the best life they can.

“We would occasionally bump into each other in the university study areas late at night when assignment deadlines were approaching.”

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The threesome joined 3,800 other students graduating this year at a ceremonies held at Worcester Cathedral on Tuesday and Friday of the same week.

And happily, Lynn said while attending they didn’t feel any pressure to do better than each other, and that it was nice to be able to support each other with the difficult moments throughout their courses.

The mum, who undertook her bachelors degree six years ago, said: “We’ve all helped each other and have supported each other through difficult times with assignments.

“We celebrated together – myself, Domonic, Annie-May and my elder son Todd – by having a meal and cocktails on both the Tuesday and the Friday after the ceremonies.””I’m so glad I took the plunge and did it, it’s amazing what you can achieve when you are determined, focussed, and push yourself.”

Both Annie-May and Dominic have decided to remain at Worcester University for their third top-up year, which will turn their foundation degree into a full BA.

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Annie-May, who also works as a bartender, said: “There weren’t any awkward moments and we were happy to bump into each other on nights out or in the study room.

“We were very proud to be able to celebrate our achievements together after watching each other work so hard to do well.

“I think going to university together as a family makes it easier for you to be able to help each other.

“As a family we have always had special moments together but this was definitely one to remember.”