Graduate thanks sugar daddy for funding £20,000 luxury lifestyle and university studies – and says it makes her feminist

By Jess Grieveson-Smith

A young woman has enjoyed a luxury £20,000 lifestyle thanks to her ‘sugardaddy’ – and claims it backs her feminist views.

Jordan Taylor, 28, has spent the last four years holidaying in exotic locations and being financially supported during her Yale University education.

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But the Dartmouth graduate, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Government, insists her lifestyle isn’t extravagant and only uses the website ‘Seeking Arrangements’ so she’s able to pamper and better herself as a feminist.

Jordan says, “This kind of dating empowers women, and I’m proudly feminist.

“Women need to start speaking up for what they want, and that includes relationships.

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“Women earn less so I’ve got to catch up somehow.”

Jordan, from Connecticut, US, has had four ‘sugardaddies’ since her early twenties and believes her cash gifts and holidays empower her to become more independent.

She added: “To be a sugarbaby, a girl doesn’t need to be a pin-up or a playboy girl.

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Sugarlifestyle can also be include marriages and serious connections.

“Some of my relationships have also been platonic.

“I’ve always been clear.

“I’m looking to better myself, and these men can help me do it.

“I’m currently having art classes paid for, and completing a certificate program with HBX -Harvard Business

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“I have enjoyed holidays to Grand Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic and Hawaii through some of my sugararrangements.”

Jordan believes sugardating consist of mutually beneficial relationships—sometimes in the form of companionship in exchange for being pampered.

She said, “Every relationship is a ongoing negotiation.

“Both parties are coming to the table looking for something from the deal, and hopefully having something to offer.

“Previous sugardaddies have just fizzled out, now I’m settle with my current boyfriend.’

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Since joining sugardating website, Seeking Arrangements, Jordan has had roughly four sugardaddies.

She said, “I was dissatisfied and unhappy with hook-up culture.

Sugardating seemed to be an excellent alternative to the current dating app arena.

“Let’s face it, there’s nothing empowered about being broke or women wasting their precious time and energy with men who do not value them.”

Now, she is currently in a happy relationship with her boyfriend who she met on Seeking Arrangements and doesn’t want to be named.

Jordan added: “He’s invested several thousand dollars on me so far and they’ve only been dating nine months.

“My boyfriend has paid for my art classes – he’s fostering my growth and development as a human being.

“Indeed, that starts with our closest personal relationships, and especially in the bedroom.”

Jordan is now writing a book based on her experiences sugardating, entitled, Poison Ivy: Feminist Reflections on the League.