Girl with congenital muscular disease learns to play amazing music using her toes

An ambitious 9-year-old girl, unable to use her hands due to a congenital disease, has taught herself how to play a musical instrument using just her TOES.

Lily Morrison was born with a severe case of Anthrogryposis Mulitplex Congenital (AMC) – a disease in which muscles underdeveloped in the womb, limiting the range of motion or stuck joints, and affecting all four of the youngster’s limbs.

In this uplifting video, though, inspiring Lily is captured by tutor Debbie Centre using her toes to turn the pages to the music sheets and strumming the strings of her zither holding a pick.

The moment was captured in Greenville, South Carolina, USA on March 10.

When she was 7-years-old she discovered the zither, a lap-version of a guitar, and after automatically being able to play the instrument, Lily became hooked and was gifted one by her parents for her birthday a few days later.

The young musician has always dreamt of being able to play the guitar, but to due to having no motor control in her arms and hands, she is unable to.

After meeting Debbie at a home school conference two years ago, Lily’s dreams of playing a string instrument came true.

Debbie said: “Lily is a truly amazing and beautiful little girl with the most independent can-do attitude I’ve ever encountered.

“She shows such willingness to reach out and inspire others with her condition. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn how to do everything without any assistance is refreshing.

“She refuses to see her condition as an impairment and never adopts an attitude in which she seeks pity – she simply cracks on with it and achieves whatever she puts her mind to.”


Mum Kelli Morrison said: “Lily is an extremely resilient and happy little girl.

“When she puts her mind to something she figures out a way to accomplish it.

“It may be different from how everyone else does it, but she will figure out a way.

“She does her best to keep up with her friends and doesn’t let much slow her down.”

Lily has taught herself to have such dexterity with her toes that she is able to pick up a paper thin pick off the floor using only her toes – something most people would struggle doing using fingers.