Getting rid of the mum tim.. with the help of the on’s who caused it!

PIC FROM Caters News

This work out mum is busting away her ‘mum-tum’, with the help of the little ones who put it there.

Using her kids as both props and inspiration, this mum is beating away the pounds in a very affective way.

The mum combines a variety of different workouts such as – pull ups, push ups and weight-addled planks – all involving her kids.

And the fitness mum in question? It’s 28 year-old mother-of-two Charity LeBlanc from Florida.

Charity said: “I have been doing yoga for about five years and have always taken care of my body.

“My mum has always been fit so I grew up watching her and now I try to stay healthy and lean as I raise my kids.

“I started working out with my children as soon as they were born.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I started with yoga as a gentle way to ease back into fitness and they have always been by my side.

“Most of the time they are happy to work out, but sometimes it takes a little coaxing!

“I wish for them to take good care of their body too, a healthy body creates a healthy mind, confidence and just overall happiness!”

PIC FROM Caters News