Get well soon, you’re Neighly there! Horse visits unwell owner in hospital

A horse-crazy girl was surprised by her favourite animal when she was recovering from a horrible infection in hospital.

Lizzi Jordan, 20, fell ill and was hospitalised after contracting the E Coli infection on September 24.

Whilst in hospital, Lizzi endured heart and kidney failure, a serious blood disease and was put into an induced coma.

However, after waking from her coma her family and friends decided to surprise the animal-lover with a trip from her favourite guest.

This adorable footage shows Moses the pony coming to visit Lizzi at University College Hospital London, to put a smile back on her face.

Her sister, Chloe, 22, said: “We have a family horse and Lizzi part loans another horse – so it’s fair to say she’s horse crazy.

“Before this happened to her she would be down at the stables most days – horses and riding are a large part of her life and she has been obviously missing them dearly.

“One day I received a phone call from Tina Brine, who managers where the family horse is kept, and she suggested that we get a pony up to see Lizzi.

“As soon as it was suggested I heard nothing more – she told me it was all set and it happened.

“When the day came, they got Moses out of the trailer, walked him through the side passage of A and E covered in tinsel and then into the lift up 13 floors!”

Lizzi was visited by Moses on 20th December as an early Christmas surprise, and was very shocked with her visitor.

Chloe added: “Lizzi has only recently re-learned how to walk and her nurse came into her room and asked if she could practise a walk with her.

“She was reluctant to leave her room, but when we were walking she asked me if I’d been to the stables, as she could smell horses.

“She was absolutely amazed and beaming ear-to-ear when she realised it was a pony there – which was something we hadn’t seen for months.

“She felt him and touched all around his face and her and Moses just absolutely loved it!

“Tina really made Lizzi’s dream come true, and as a family we are so grateful to her and the team for letting it happen!”