Full steam ahead – Fiery racial argument erupts on packed train

Two train commuters had a blazing row after a man accused a woman of having her muddy feet on his seat.

The five minute bust up between the passengers was caught on camera after it erupted in front of shocked rush hour travellers.

In the footage, posted on Facebook, the woman is seen shouting racial slurs and abusive language at the man.

Pic From Caters News

The fiery exchange then quickly escalates, to the point where the woman was threatening to kick the man in-between the legs.

The argument erupted yesterday morning, December 7.

Alongside arguing about the placement of her feet, the woman claims that the man’s wife “is using your money b*tch”.

She then claims “trust me, she doesn’t love you, I’m Nigerian, I know my people”.

Nearing the end of the clip, she then goes on to tell him “my feet is literally by your balls, I’m literally grabbing you by your balls”.

An on-looker said: “It started because she had her feet on his chair as he went over to sit down.

“She took her feet off of the chair and then brushed them against his suit – he wasn’t happy anyway and this pushed him overboard.

“The man then put his feet back on hers and that’s when she kicked off.

Pic From Caters News

“At first she kept on calling him a ‘f*cking’ idiot and then threatened to slap him, which is when I turned my camera on.

“The argument then continued with them making ridiculous comments at one another.

“It seemed to cool off rather quickly after they both had their phones out. By the end of their journey they were laughing with each other and talking about his wife’s heritage.”

The passenger claims to have taken the video on the 8.50am Dartford to London Charing Cross Southeastern train on December 7.

A spokesperson for Southeastern said: “Southeastern can confirm that they have not received any reports of the incident so far.”