From person to porcelain doll! Meet the model who has spent over $20,000 to look like an anime doll!

Meet the model who has spent $20,000 (£15,600) to look like a real-life anime doll.

Ophelia Vanity, 30, from Los Angeles in California, USA, was told she looked like a doll in her late teens and now is trying to become as plastic as possible.

So far, she’s had liposuction on her arms and stomach to give her a slender doll like appearance, as well as Botox and collagen injections to make her face emotionless and lip augmentations.

In addition to spending around $2,500 (£1,949) a month on make-up to enlarge her eyes, cosmetic procedures and specialist Lolita clothing – a Japanese spin on Victorian era fashion.

Her quirky look attracts a lot of stares, with many people telling her she looks like a ‘human doll’ and complimenting her on her unusual appearance.


Ophelia says that altering her looks to emulate an anime character combined with a doll has improved her self-esteem and is helping her to love herself.

In the future, she plans to continue her transformation from person to porcelain by having breast implants, butt implants, ribs removed, a nose job and permanent iris colouring – in total costing $50,000 (£39,000).

Ophelia, freelance model said: “It helps my issue with self-esteem, some people find contentment within themselves, but for me when I’m told I look like a doll, an anime character or Barbie makes me feel better.

“So far, I’ve spent over $20,000 in total, on liposuction, Botox, lip injections, dermal filler rhinoplasty, laser collagen injections and more.

“Looking the way I do makes me feel much prettier and it’s always a thrill when people are taken back by how I look.


“When I’m out in public, going to a friend’s house, a party or a club where I could be recognised I always make sure I’m dressed up and people love it.

“I was always compared to a doll and an anime character since I was a teenager but after bleaching my hair I’ve been told I look like Barbie now.

“My eyes are what makes people think I look most like a doll, they are naturally very large and then that’s amplified by my make-up.

“I spend around $4,000 on Botox, lip fillers, make-up and clothes so around four thousand a month to give myself a more ‘porcelain doll’ look.

“Dressing like a doll combines both my love of fashion as well as my personal preference for something out of the ordinary and not in line with mainstream society.


“I do have some haters and negative feedback about the way I look but this is what makes me happy and is helping me to love myself.”

Ophelia suffered from self-esteem problems since she was five-years-old, which she attributes to a ‘difficult upbringing’ where she was overly pressured into doing well at school and struggled to fit in.

She chose to express herself through eccentric fashion starting with gothic and punk clothing before progressing into more doll-like attire at the age of 17.

Ophelia said: “The Lolita fashion is a Japanese spin on Victorian era dress, most of my dresses are handmade and imported – they cost a few hundred dollars for each one.

“I import clothes from Japan and put on make-up in a certain way to give me a ‘porcelain doll’ look.”

Ophelia’s first cosmetic procedure in 2008 was liposuction on her arms and stomach to make her appear slender.

She added: “Over the years I’ve tried to freeze my face to make it look more doll-like and without expression.”


“I also use a lot of make-up and contouring effects to make my nose smaller and give it a higher bridge.”

This year alone she’s undergone a second lip augmentation, a non-surgical dermal filler rhinoplasty to alter her nose and ultherapy, which smooths skin imperfections on the face.

She said: “I’d like to have some of my ribs removed so that I can have a smaller waist.

“I currently wear a corset but it’s such an ordeal having to put it on every day.

“Also, because I lack a nose bridge and have a very small, flat nose which I’m quite insecure about I hope one day to have a permanent rhinoplasty.

“All of the work I’m doing will continue to help my self-esteem and aid my goal of looking more like a doll.”

Ophelia is part of the Plastics of Hollywood – a talent agency for human dolls, living cartoons and plastic surgery addicts that’s being turned into a TV Show.

Marcela Iglesias, producer and presenter, said: “Ophelia looks like an Asian anime character, she uses the doll look as a self-surviving mode.

“The doll look for her consists of clothing, if I put Ophelia in a Versace gown it will not work in the same way, for her she needs the clothing, shoes, jewellery, make-up to fulfil her appearances.


“She puts a lot of work into the make-up, the wigs, clothing and looking the way she does, none of the other dolls have that, they have all had plastic surgery.”

Talent agents Marcela and Patrik Simpson, who both feature on the show, tentatively called The Plastics of Hollywood, will try to nurture talent away from the stars’ surgery goals and how they look.

Marcela said: “I am responsible for showcasing their and making them stars from the talent that’s not been shown yet, I believe they all have talent and it’s just about showcasing that.
“She’s like a little girl or an anime doll, not like Pixee Fox or Jennifer Pamplona who are more sexualised and look like Jessica Rabbit.

“But when you see Ophelia you could easily believe she is 15-years-old, despite the fact that she’s actually 30 – this will mean she has a lot of potential acting and for commercials too.”

Laser collagen injections x 2
Botox x 3
Lip augmentation x 2
Non-surgical dermal filler rhinoplasty

Breast implants
Buttock implants
Four to six ribs removed