Footie fanatic paralysed in freak biking accident finds way to thrash his mates at FIFA

A football fanatic who was paralysed from the neck down has been able to play Fifa against his mates again – after they helped build him the world’s first MOUTH-CONTROLLED games console.

Will Clark playing on his Playstation

Will Clark playing on his Playstation

Will Clark, 30, was taking part in a triathlon when he came off his bike in a freak accident and suffered a spinal injury so severe that he lost the use of all his limbs.

But marathon man Will has fought back to make sure he can still have a good time with his mates.

While he needs assistance to do even basic tasks, Will has created a PlayStation controller so that he can give his mates a good thrashing at footie classic, Fifa.

Will Clark playing on his Playstation with friends Megan Heap and Dan Home

Will Clark playing on his Playstation with friends Megan Heap and Dan Home

Where most PlayStation controllers are just a handheld device, Will has gone a step further and has an entire rig that can be operated through the limited motions that he has.

Looking like it would be more at home in a spaceship than the front room, Will’s gaming chair features buttons operated by his shoulders and a joystick that he uses his lip and chin to operate.

Will said: “I used to be such an active person and had to go back to square one, it was very frustrating.

“After the accident, I had to let other people do thing for me that I would have done without even thinking about it.

“I used to love cooking and had to let someone else do all my meals for me.

Will Clark using his adapted Playstation control

Will Clark using his adapted Playstation control

“There were things that I never thought that I would be able to do again – getting back to play on the PlayStation was one of them.

“At the moment I am really into Fifa. I have a special controller which I can operate – I use my chin to move one of the joysticks and can press the buttons with special pads I hit with my shoulders.

“My friends and I are very competitive with each other.

“Preston North End has always been my local team that I supported, but the one in the premier league is Manchester United.

“Although it does really vary which team I will play with.

Will Clark driving down the road

Will Clark driving down the road

“I broke the right half of my neck when I was doing a triathlon – I had finished the swim and was half way through the bike stage when I went over the top of the handlebars because something got stuck in my wheel.”

Will’s fight through rehab saw doctors tell him that he wouldn’t be able to play PlayStation again due to the severity of his paralysis, but he has defied the odds to make sure he can play the games he loves.

At the moment, Will’s chair means he can play the likes of Fifa and some driving games, but he is working on customising it further so he can move on to first person shooters like Call of Duty.

“The chair is a work in progress that I have with a company called Special Effects – they worked with me after the hospital told me that it would not be possible to play computer games again.

“The controller itself, if adapted, can do as much as you want it to as the wires from it will connect to all the buttons.


Will Clark with his set up

“The only thing that limits me is the number of buttons I can press.

“We are looking at using the back of my head to operate the second analog stick on the controller, but are running into a few issues at the moment.

“Fortunately I can play the likes of Fifa and driving games as they have two button modes so that I only have to operate some of the buttons.

“But I hear that the PlayStation 4 has the potential for voice commands which would mean that I could play games like Call of Duty.

Will Clark meeting the air ambulance

Will Clark meeting the air ambulance

“Before the accident I did play computer games regularly – every other day for a little bit.”

Now, Will is attempting to raise cash for the Great North air Ambulance Service after they helped treat him at the site of his accident.

The 100 mile cycle will be completed on a battery-powered Boma bike which, like his PlayStation controller, is also operated by Will’s chin.

The ride will go from Thirlmere, where Will’s accident happened, all the way to Newcastle RVI where he was treated for his injuries.

To help raise funds for his cycle, follow this link: