Five-year-old who survived 70% burns after setting herself on fire bravely battles recovery thanks to Frozen princess

By Josh Saunders

A five-year-old who survived 70% burns after accidentally setting herself on fire is bravely battling to recover thanks to Disney’s Princess Elsa from Frozen.

Lillie from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, was playing with a zippo lighter she had stolen from the counter, when she dropped a burning toothpick onto her dress.

She was rushed to hospital the day before Thanksgiving (Nov 21) where parents Amanda Robinson, 39, and Brian Bray, 35, feared she wouldn’t survive.

The little girl was placed into a medically induced coma as doctors worked on the third and fourth-degree burns covering most of her body.

She has had eight surgeries to date including one to grow some of her healthy skin in a lab to place back onto her body, along with traditional skin grafts.

PICS BY AMANDA ROBINSON / CATERS NEWS: Lillie doing more therapy with a dance game

Making a miraculous recovery Lillie, overcomes the pain of daily occupational therapy and wound changes thanks to her favourite Disney Princess Elsa.

Wearing a long blonde wig to look like the character played by Idina Menzel, she sings ‘Let It Go’ to help her overcome her pain as captured in touching video.

She is expected to be released from hospital next month (Jan 15) but will face a long recovery, which her family are fundraising to help with.

Amanda, a part-time server, said: “I was not aware she had the zippo lighter at all, I yelled to her that I was going to pick up her dad – their uncle was downstairs.

PICS BY AMANDA ROBINSON / CATERS NEWS: Lillie in her blonde Princess Elsa wig

“Then while doing some shopping we got a call from my brother saying, she accidentally set herself on fire and that he had to put her out.

“She was in her room, she had toothpicks and apparently she tried to light it on fire, when it did he clothes caught fire too.

“She told me she was playing with the tooth pick and it fell on her skirt, then she ran downstairs, and my brother smothered the fire out with a blanket.

“It’s been overwhelming but she’s still my little baby, even though she is in pain whenever she tries to stand up being able to see her sing is wonderful.

“In occupational therapy they have been helping her to straighten her arms and help her to walk.

PICS BY AMANDA ROBINSON / CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: Lillie doing more therapy with a dance game)

“During this she pretends to be Princess Elsa singing ‘Let It Go’ from the film Frozen, which makes it more fun for her and stops her from hurting as much.

“It makes me very proud seeing the video but also sad to see her like that, especially with everything we have been through so far.

“I was taking the video, so you couldn’t see my face, but I could not stop crying, it was amazing to see.”

To help rehabilitate her, Lillie is undergoing daily sessions of occupational and physical therapy and regular counselling to deal with what happened.

Amanda said: “After the accident, when I saw her little face she was as white as a ghost from all the smoke and was crouched down singing.

PICS BY AMANDA ROBINSON / CATERS NEWS: Lillie before burning 70percent of her skin with third and fourth degree burns, she set herself alight after dropping a burning toothpick on her dress

“She has had nightmares and we are trying to prevent her from being sad, it was an accident she didn’t know what would happen – she is only five.

“I do however feel Zippo lighters should be child proof.”

Amanda is urging other parents to take heed of their unfortunate accident, warning others about the dangers of Zippos and lighters.

She said: “I want parents whether they smoke or don’t or if they use lighters to know, Zippos should never be allowed in the house.

“I didn’t think she would reach up and grab it, I never thought that at all.

“But for her then to able to strike it is wrong and it shouldn’t be that easy.”

PICS BY AMANDA ROBINSON / CATERS NEWS: Lillie before burning 70percent of her skin with third and fourth degree burns

To date Lillie has undergone eight surgeries to replace her burned skin, thankfully without her body rejecting it so far.

The newly grafted skin have caused mobility issues for the girl, which is she battling to overcome in daily sessions.

Since receiving a blonde Princess Elsa-style wig from Riley Hospital, Amanda believes her daughter has been more positive and is dealing better with her pain.

Amanda said: “She was doing physical therapy trying to use her arms and legs, she has already walked down the hallway a short distance.

“They say she is doing an excellent job so far and everything is coming along the way it’s supposed to.

“She is a big ray of sunshine, I told her as long as you are shining, mommy wil shine with you.

“She is slowly getting back to being herself, she has shown me signs by laughing and how bright her attitude is.”

A fundraiser has been set-up to help the family and their daughter to recover.
The donations will help them cover Lillie’s medical bills, the future therapy she will need and additional medical garments.

Amanda said: “The funds will be going to getting her comfortable clothing and pressure garments to help with her recovery, and so that I can stay at home to take care of her.


“Doctors say you have an amazing little girl, but I already knew that.

“I don’t think I could endure all the pain she is going through and for her to be able to make jokes, sing and make the effort to walk is amazing to me.”

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