Five year old triple amputee adapts to live without limbs thanks to doting big sister!

Pic by Peter Medicott/Caters News

A five year old triple amputee has adapted to life without limbs thanks to his doting big sister.

Tommy Brown, from Walsall, West Mids, only has one pair of prosthetic legs, which don’t bend, so he has learnt to get around on his stumps.

He lost one arm, the fingers on his left hand and both legs to a deadly strain of meningitis – but he refuses to allow it to hold him back and has a newfound love for his trampoline.

After being given a five per cent chance of survival, it’s hard to believe Tommy almost died when he’s seen enjoying life to the fullest with his big sister, Elle, 14.

The pair are inseparable and after almost losing her little brother, Elle tries to spend as much time as she can with him.

His mum, Julie Tuckley, 41, said: “Tommy loves bouncing on the trampoline with his big sister and it makes me so proud seeing him laughing and enjoying himself.

“We came so close to losing him to meningitis, his body turned purple and his limbs were black.

Pic by Peter Medicott/Caters News

“That’s when we were the dreaded news that without losing his limbs he wouldn’t survive.

“Now he’s getting older he asks, ‘why did you let them take my legs mummy?’ But I know if we didn’t, he wouldn’t be here today.

“He’s our little miracle and despite still being on a waiting list for home adaptations, Tommy is always smiling and even attends a mainstream school.

“Him and Elle are inseparable and he loves playing games with her, she’s nine years older and you can tell he really look up to her.

“We are currently trying to make Tommy’s life easier by raising money for his lifelong treatment.

Pic by Peter Medicott/Caters News

“When he’s older he will want the best prosthetics and these can cost thousands.

“He has some on the NHS but they don’t even bend and Tommy only wears them to school as they’re uncomfortable.”

Tommy was first diagnosed with meningitis and septicaemia at five months old – he needed both legs, one arm and the fingers on his left hand removed.

Julie said: “I was distraught when we realised he needed so many amputations, me and his dad, Dean, knew his life would never be the same.

“He was given a five per cent chance of surviving and spent 12 weeks recovering after his operations in hospital.

Pic by Peter Medicott/Caters News

“We have tried not to look back since but we are desperate to fundraise for his future so we can pay privately for the best possible prosthetics.

“At the moment he’s wearing a pair of legs to school that don’t have any knee joints so he can’t do anything.

“As soon as he gets home he takes them off and uses his own techniques to get around.

“He needs help doing everything such as brushing his teeth, getting dressed and going to bed but he can get upstairs on his own.

“Elle helps with looking after him and her little sister, Jorgie who is one years old.”

When Tommy is pictured bouncing on the trampoline, baking cakes and playing on his iPad, it’s hard to believe someone with so much life almost died.

And despite him now realising he is different and dealing with the aftermath of meningitis, he rarely ever moans.

Pic by Peter Medicott/Caters News

Julie added: “It’s awful when Tommy asks why he’s different and why his sisters have legs and he doesn’t but he has the most amazing attitude.

“I know things will get harder for him the older he gets but as a family we’ll help him get through it.

“He’s a little fighter and with his smile, we know he’ll conquer anything.”

His older sister, Elle, was devastated when her little brother almost lost his life and after nearly losing him, their bond became even stronger.

Elle said: “I’m so proud of Tommy, he is amazing and I love nothing more than coming home and playing on the trampoline with him.

“If I jump up on it, he flies up into the air and finds it hilarious.”

The family are now on a fundraising mission to help Tommy for his future needs.

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