Five-year-old girl suffers more than 100 seizures a day

A brave schoolgirl has had two major brain operations after suffering more than 100 seizures a day.

Little Seren Hughes, five, had her first epileptic fit on the day she was born and was diagnosed with the condition in hospital only 10 days later.


Brave schoolgirl, Seren with her brother

The schoolgirl, from Derwenlas, Powys, underwent two surgeries this year – including an eight-hour long operation to remove part of her brain.

Doctors warned parents Ruth Jenkins-Hughes and Hefin that she would have difficulty walking again but the brave girl battled courageously throughout the traumatic ordeal – despite also suffering with left-sided hemiplegia and hypermobility.


After suffering more than 100 seizures a day, Seren was forced to have an eight hour operation to remove part of her brain

Proud mum Ruth said: “It was a very difficult time for all of us but Seren has been incredible throughout it all.

“She suffered her first fit in hospital on the day she was born.

“We were told we could go home but she continued to have the fits so we took her into hospital when she was 10-days-old.

“Doctors diagnosed Seren with epilepsy and gave her medication which briefly controlled the fits.

“She initially had around four or five fits a day and they would last for around five or 10 minutes.

“But after a while they started getting longer and happened more often.

“At her worst she suffered around seven or eight long seizures that lasted for up to 45 minutes along with more than 100 smaller ones that lasted anything between one second and two minutes.”

Little Seren appeared to be on the mend after a course of medication but took a turn for the worse in March 2012 when her condition rapidly deteriorated.


Brave little Seren on a beach with her father and brother

She underwent a number of hospital tests and in February 2014 had two major operations at Great Ormond Street Hospital – the second of which involved removing part of her brain.

Ruth was forced to give up her job as an office manager in 2012 due to Seren’s condition but said her daughter had been inspirational throughout the ordeal.


Seren suffered her first epileptic seizure on the day she was born

Mum-of-two Ruth, who also lives with husband, Hefin, and son Ilan, 11, said: “No matter what’s happened – Seren always has a smile on her face.

“She loves going to school and petting animals – she’s a very determined young girl.

“It was very difficult for the family to see her when she was in a bad way but she keeps on pulling through it – she’s a real star.

“Seren had months of physio and occupational therapy but she was back on the farm with Hefin and myself only days after she came home.”

Seren was recently presented with an award from children’s charity Cerebra for showing incredible bravery throughout the ordeal.

Elaine Collins of Cerebra said: “This year we received a record number of nominations and selecting the winners was a very difficult task.

“The awards are a chance for us to recognise these inspirational young people and help to celebrate their achievements.

“It was great to meet Seren and congratulate her in person.”