Fitness fanatic savaged in dog attack steps on stage after spending three years recovering 

A fitness fanatic who was savagely attacked by a rescue dog has now stepped on stage for the first time after spending three years recovering. 

Charlotte Sims, now 30, is lucky to be alive after a dog tried to bite through her neck and severely damaged her right hand.

She was volunteering at a local dogs rescue centre when she decided to take one of the dogs for a walk – something that changed her life forever. 

Charlotte needed four operations on her hand and chin after the dog attack – something that left her unable to continue with her personal training career.

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Doctors warned her that she’d be unlikely to use her hand again as the muscles and tendons had been torn though.  

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But the defiant 30-year-old continued with her physiotherapy and has since regained the use of her hand so she can work out in the gym.  

After getting into the shape of her life Charlotte competed in her first fitness competition – something she was training for before the attack – last month and took away three medals. 

Charlotte, from Driotwich, Worcester, said: “I was walking the dog and the next minute it was attached to my face. 

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“I tried to get it off but then it bit through my hand, I was covered in blood and struggled to get the dog off me. 

 “There was no one else around so I had no choice but to walk back to the rescue centre to try and get help.

“The dog which was a Shar pei had calmed down by this point but my face felt like it was hanging off. 

“After being rushed to hospital I needed three surgeries on my hand and one on my face before I could start rebuilding my life. 

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“At the time I was training to compete in a fitness competition but that was quickly forgotten. 

“At first I could barely use my hand at all as most of the muscles and tendons in my hand had been damaged. 

“But after a week in hospital I was able to return home and I began physio. 

“Doctors weren’t hopeful I’d be able to use my hand again but I continued to prove them wrong. 

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“I’d quit my personal training job as I wasn’t able to show clients how to use the machines but I was adamant I would get back in the gym. 

“And now, three years later, I’m in the best shape of my life after following a vegan diet and an instance six day gym routine.  

“I took home three medals from the competition on August 18 and it was such an achievement.”

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Charlotte, who now works in a medical centre,  was determined to enter a fitness competition to help inspire others who have been through a bad situation.

 She said: “I wanted to prove that you can defy expectations and hit your goals.  

“I can use my hand now but it’ll never be as strong as before but it could have been a lot worse. 

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“I loved getting on stage at the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness to showcase all my hard word.”