Feeling tyre-d? Doting dad creates massive digger bed for his construction mad son

Adoting dad of two has created a massive digger bed for his construction-mad son.

Daniel Schmidt, 37, decided to build his three year old son, Jeremy, a ‘big boy’ bed after the grew out of his baby crib.

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After spending under £150 ($200) on the materials, Daniel was able to create a digger bed for his construction mad son to make the transition a bit more bearable.

The bed took 36 weeks to build and Jeremy loves his bed so much that he eagerly waits for bedtime most nights.

Daniel, from Amber, Pennsylvania, said: “Jeremy had outgrown his crib and with his baby brother on the way, we knew it was time we upgraded his bedroom.

“We decided to make a big deal about making his “big boy” bedroom.

“Since Jeremy is a huge construction truck fan, we decided to go with a construction themed room.

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“We kept the room locked while we finished decorating it and making his bed, and when he finally saw it he absolutely loved it.

“The transition from crib to truck bed was seamless, there were no tears and now he sleeps with a smile.”

Daniel, who works as a materials engineer, decided to create a construction themed room after his son’s second – and most repeated – word was ‘tractor’.

He added: “Jeremy uses the word ‘tractor’ all the time so we knew he’d love a real life digger bed.

“My dad taught me how to build furniture from wood and we always had cool beds growing up that he had made.

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“So I decided to search online for a good construction truck bed but I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I decided to design it myself.

“From the initial sketch to finally assembling the bed it took around nine months, but by following the plans I would estimate that it would take between 25 and 35 hours to construct.

“To build this bed, you need about $200 in materials, but I did it for less as I had scrap wood and paint sitting around the house.”

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Daniel has now made the plans available to build the digger bed on his Etsy store, found here: www.Etsy.com/shop/HammerTree