Fast food loving mum who was a size 26 is now launching her modelling career after slimming to a size eight – in just five months

A fast food loving mum who ballooned to a size 26 is now launching her modelling career after shedding SIX stone in just FIVE months.

Mallorie Goodwin Weight Loss

Mallorie Goodwin’s transformation after her dramatic weight loss

Svelte Mallorie Goodwin, 39, now has the size eight body she has always dreamed of after finally shifting the bulge.

Mallorie Goodwin Weight Loss

Mallorie before she beat the bulge

And yummy mummy Mallorie, from Wetherby, Yorks, who weighs a healthy 9stone 5lbs, has already been contacted by a modelling agency who want her on their books.

Mallorie Goodwin Weight Loss

Since losing over six stone, Mallorie has now been contacted by modelling agencies wanting to add her to their books

Mallorie said:  “It’s a dream come true. I have now got the figure I always wanted and I feel so much more confident in myself- to have a modelling agency want me is just the cherry on top!

Mallorie’s weight problems began when she was a child, growing up with hearty meals such as cottage pie, served in huge portions.

Mallorie Goodwin Weight Loss

Mallorie smiling happily with her family after getting the figure she’s always wanted

Mallorie said: “I was always conscious that my weight was a problem from a very young age.

“At six years old we would have fish and chips on a Saturday but I remember not being able to have any because I was overweight- which was very sad.

“We would eat very large portions at home and I grew up in the era when you would finish everything on your plate.

“My mother was told by my primary school teacher that I was always asking for seconds.

As Mallorie started secondary school she shed the puppy fat but with access to junk food like pizza and crisps as she grew older, the weight soon came back.

“I knew I was getting bigger and I had a double chin which I hated. I would very rarely have my picture taken.”

In Mallorie’s 20s she was a size 14 and a boyfriend of hers at the time commented how he always dated girls who were a size eight.

Mallorie said: “My confidence was non-existent. I knew I should have been a size ten but I was living a party lifestyle, going out drinking and having curries at 1am.

“I would then wake up and have a full fry up and pick on junk food throughout the day.”

Mallorie was able to munch through 15 bags of crisps in an evening and as she kept eating, she kept piling on the weight.

After Mallorie had her two children Dylan, 9 and Pippa, 7 she struggled with fatigue, back pain and a host of other health issues.

It took five years of doctors’ appointments for her to be diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and it was at the doctors that she finally weighed herself and realised the scales were reading 15 stone.

Mallorie said: “I was gobsmacked. I had accepted that I was about 13 stone but to see 15 was a complete shock.

“I had a battle with my health and not feeling well since I had my children and to finally find out what was wrong gave me the confidence to lose the weight.

“Once I started my medication and my health improved I realised I was left with this fat body which I didn’t want.

“The doctor told me that if I didn’t lose weight I was at risk of developing diabetes- it was a real wake up call.”

Mallorie started the Cambridge Weight Plan in November last year, and through the support she received and her new, determined mind set she lost a staggering five stone 10lbs in just five months.

Mallorie said: ” I cut out the junk and lost seven pounds on my own but it wasn’t enough. Cambridge Weight Plan was perfect for me- after two weeks on the soups and shakes I didn’t feel hungry at all and the support I received was amazing.”

Mallorie said: “Now when I go out with my husband Anthony people think I’m his daughter! I’m so happy to have a figure I always wanted- I’m just getting used to it.

“I have a wardrobe bursting with clothes and I can’t wait to show my outfits off. Before I hated my picture taken but now I love it.”

Mallorie even sent in her picture to a modelling agency after being encouraged by a stylist on a Cambridge Weight Plan shoot.

Mallorie said: “I’m so excited about the thought of modelling. When I was a size 26 I never dreamed I would be happy having my photo taken- now I can’t wait to get in front of the camera and try my hand at modelling.

“I have been on photoshoots for Cambridge Weight Plan and on one the stylist said to me that as I should look into doing modelling because she thought I would be really good.

“Never in a million years did I dream I would be starting a modelling career at 39!

After Mallorie sent of a quick snap of her to a model agency, she was staggered when the agency said they wanted to represent her.

“I can’t believe it- I’m so excited, my husband was a bit worried but I’ve told him I’m not going to go off with anyone else!

Mallorie has even become a Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, using her experience of being overweight to help others.

“I’ve been there so I know how hard it is and how lonely it can feel.

‘I get a lot of compliments from other mums or women asking to help them, which I can’t wait to do.”

“My life has changed for the better and my husband and children are so proud of me and love how happy and content I am and now I just want to give something back.”