Fashionista triplets take on Holly Willoughby’s instagram style by mimicking her “Today’s look” posts

These fashionista triplets have taken on Holly Willoughby’s Instagram style by mimicking her ‘today’s look’ posts.

The trio, Amelie, Maya-Albertine, and Etta, who are 17 months old, have been striking a pose every day in their identical outfits.

Pic by Rebecca Wooldridge/Caters News

Their mum, Rebecca Wooldridge, 44, decided to start posting their daily looks after closely following ITV presenter, Holly Willoughby, and her ‘today’s look’ post on her social media pages.

Determined to show the world how adorable triplets are, Rebecca has snapped her girls at home to give people their version called ‘triple the look.’

From matching tights, jumpers, dresses, shoes and headbands, the girls are always wearing the same outfits in their living room as their mum quickly takes the photos.

Rebecca, a full time mum, said: “We love Holly Willoughby and after seeing her ‘today’s look’ posts on Instagram, I decided to create my own daily posts.

“The triplets love dressing up and after deciding to call our daily style ‘triple the look,’ I began posting adorable images every day.

“I tend to post them at the same time as Holly at 10.30am, it’s all just for a bit of fun really but if it can put a smile on people’s faces then it’s worthwhile.

Pic by Rebecca Wooldridge/Caters News –

“I always make sure the girls are wearing the same and I’ll often ask son, Felix, four, to play peek a boo behind the camera so they stay still.

“Unlike Holly I post the triplets fashion styles every day including the weekends.

“If it’s a rainy day I will try and make sure they are wearing colourful clothes to brighten the mood of our followers.

“I have been doing our ‘triple the look’ every day now for the past two weeks and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

“It’s lovely being able to dress the girls the same as I see it as a celebration of their identity as triplets, they are such little miracles.”

The triplets, who were born October 2016, were conceived through IVF after parents, Rebecca and David, 49, spent a decade struggling to start their own family.

Rebecca, who is also a blogger, said: “We waited 10 years for our dream family and after spending £60,000 it finally became a reality.

Pic by Rebecca Wooldridge/Caters News

“I’d been told by doctors that I had a low egg count but after seven years of trying IVF all over the world, I ended up falling pregnant naturally with Felix.

“It then took over three years to then fall pregnant with the triplets in April 2016 after more IVF.

“I had to give birth to the triplets at 29 weeks as it was the only way to save my life.

“Thankfully after weeks in hospital both myself and the girls, Etta, Amelia, and Maya-Abertine were allowed home.

“Since then it has been a rollercoaster but the girls are now at such a funny age.

Pic by Rebecca Wooldridge/Caters News

“They really giggle at each other and already have such a special bond.

“To think they first weighed just 2lb6 and 2lb8, is crazy, I can’t imagine life without our little miracles.”

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