Ex-call girl turned spiritual priestess marries herself in romantic beach ceremony

An ex-call girl turned love coach has married HERSELF in a romantic beach ceremony.

Emmajane Love, 33, married herself to celebrate her healing after a series of bad relationships that made her turn to ‘partying and sex’ to numb her broken heart.

EJ performed her ‘sologamy’ ceremony, in which she recited vows of self-love into a mirror, on Australia’s Gold Coast on Valentine’s Day – and is now acting as a celebrant for other people hoping to wed themselves.

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The self-described ‘love priestess’ felt so inspired after her own self-marriage that she is now determined to help other people follow in her footsteps and become their own soul mate.

Since, EJ has facilitated 41 self-nuptials in retreats costing up to $2,600 – and she’s set to take the trend to America to help 400 people get hitched in a mass-ceremony.

The service involves declaring your eternal love, respect an commitment to yourself before celebrating with speeches and cake.

While some brides choose to dress up in wedding gowns, others wear nothing at all.

EJ from Christchurch, New Zealand, said: “We’re conditioned as women to think we should find a prince, ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

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“But you don’t need someone else to complete you. Looking for that can have the opposite effect.

“I ended up in codependent relationships where I numbed my emotions through partying, sex and my career.

“’I knew I needed to go on a healing journey to start loving myself first. I lost myself in my relationships and the ritual was a celebration of finding myself again.

“Afterwards, I got this mix of emotions. It was a feeling of sadness for the old me I was leaving behind and happiness for the radiant woman I had become.

“Once I started sharing my journey, more and more women stared reaching out to me telling me they wanted me to make the same one.”

Although many of EJ’s clients have gone through a recent breakup, some are singletons – or even already married.

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So far self-marriage seems to be most popular with career-driven females aged 25-50 of Australian or New Zealand heritage.

And while critics accuse people who wed themselves of being narcissistic, EJ said that is a misunderstanding as selfishness and self-love are very different.

Though it is not legally binding, the trend of sologamy is blossoming the world over and EJ believes this is only the beginning.

EJ said: “Narcissists don’t love themselves, it’s a mask. But sologamy is selfless. It’s about loving and committing to yourself first so you can love others more fully.

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“Some of the women that contact me have given their power away in their relationships with friends, family and lovers. After healing themselves, they can change all that’.

“Because of my old job, a lot of girls come to me to reconnect as sexual beings. They are seeking intimacy, and our identity is closely entwined with that’.

“There is definitely a rise in people comfortable with being alone. People are becoming more open minded.”