Double trouble! Inseparable mum and daughter who ‘mistaken for sisters’ do everything together – from clubbing to ibiza pool parties

An inseparable mother and daughter duo who are always mistaken for sisters do everything together – from clubbing to Ibiza pool parties.

Louise, 42, and Ellie Smith, 22, don’t do anything without the other and with their matching blonde hair and blue eyes it’s no surprise they are constantly confused as sisters.

Pic from Caters News

Despite their 20 year age-gap, Louise, who works in her own hair salon with her daughter, can’t resist going on nights out in town with Ellie andher friends.

But even outside of their home town of Salisbury, Wilts, the duo have even been to boozy pool parties together in Ibiza.

And although her mum constantly steals her new clothes and gets chatted up by people her daughters age, Ellie insists she wouldn’t change their bond for the world.

Ellie said: “People always mistake us for sisters and as soon as we say that she’s my mum no one believes us.

“As soon as I was old enough me and my mum would always go clubbing together and that’s the main time that people realised how alike we look.

“She’s a lot of fun on a night out and really gets into the party mood – even more than me most of the time!

And it’s all fun and games until people who are my age try to hit on her and I have to tell them that she’s my mum.

“Even when she steals my new clothes before I’ve got to wear them, I find it funny rather than annoying – I love having my mum as my best friend!”

Louise, a business owner, said: “While I’m still young enough, I’m going to continue to go clubbing and live my life to the fullest.

“Ellie has always been my mini-me and my best friend, so why wouldn’t we go on nights out and enjoy ourselves together?

“I always go into her wardrobe and wear her clothes and she does the same with mine, we have very similar style.

“Going to Ibiza with Ellie was really fun because we did it properly – we went to a pool party and to Ocean Beach Club.

Pic by James Newell/Caters News

“It’s just great to be able to get dressed up and have some drinks with your daughter and make some amazing memories!”

As soon as Ellie turned old enough to go clubbing the duo started embarking on nights out with their mutual work colleagues.

However over the years the mother and daughter have since tagged along on one another’s nights out with their friends.

Ellie said: “We started by going out with the other girls who work in our salon and we realised how much we enjoyed nights out together.

“But because we both get on really well with each other’s friends, we just started to tag along on each other’s big nights out.

“Now whenever I go out with my friends I always invite my mum – all of my friend’s think she’s lots of fun on a night out and it’d feel weird without her there!”

Louise said: “We have always spent time around each other’s friends, so going on nights out is just another part of the package.

“Our trip to Ibiza was with the rest of the girls we work with and when we’re with them it feels like we’re a big group of friends as opposed to mother and daughter.

“But now Ellie has just got herself a new boyfriend, so I don’t see her as much as her time is shared between the two of us.

“So we’ll have to make sure our nights out together are even bigger and more special to truly make the most of it!”

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