Doting daughter shocks father with family inspired inkings

A daughter recalls the moment she first showed her disapproving father her tattoos after she managed to pluck up the courage.

Rachel Gonzales, 19, said that whilst hanging out with her Dad, Juan, 53 in their garage, she plucked up the courage to reveal her multiple tattoos and piercings.

Speaking about the incident, Rachel said: “It’s not that he doesn’t like tattoos, he just believes bodies are beautiful as they are.

“Being his daughter, he always felt I was beautiful, and he didn’t want me to get any tattoos or piercings, despite having 15 piecing’s and three tattoos.

Making the decision to have her fathers initials tattooed, Rachel said: “Growing up I always thought he had a cool signature and always wanted to have a cool one like his and his initials just always stood out to me. 

“It makes my tattoo unique because it looks abstract and nobody else would have it.

The 19-year-old also has a butterfly tattoo in honour of her brother as he reminds her of a butterfly.

“When my brother gets excited about things like doing good in video games and hearing good news, his excitement would be shown by him jumping up and down and flapping his ‘wings’.

Despite having family orientated tattoos, Rachel thinks her father is now ok with the tattoos but doesn’t want her to get anymore.