Daredevils perform wingsuit rodeo above the cloud because skydiving is too easy


Pic from Jeff Donohue /Caters News 

Yee ha! This might quite simply be the oddest skydive you’ll ever see – as a pair of daredevils simulate a RODEO RIDE as they hurtle towards earth.

In the bizarre pictures, skydiver Robyn Young managed to straddle co-jumper Oliver Miller, as they plummet through the sky – and amazingly, pal Jeff Donohue caught it all on camera.

Pic from Jeff Donohue /Caters News 

The pair managed to perform the stunt before going their separate ways and sulling their parachute cords during the skydive over Arecibo, Puerto Rico, last month.

Photographer Jeff said: “I flew in a wingsuit alongside the pair, wearing a helmet that has both a still camera and a video camera mounted on top of it which I triggered by biting down on a switch in my mouth.

Pic from Jeff Donohue /Caters News 

“Robyn is performing a ‘wingsuit rodeo‘ on Oliver and the goal is to basically sit on the ‘horse’ as they navigate flight.

“A traditional skydiver falls at a rate of about 120 mph without much forward speed but with a wingsuit you can slow down to speeds as low as 20 mph.

Pic from Jeff Donohue /Caters News 

“With a rider, the rodeo pair tends to fall significantly faster down and at around 5,000 feet above ground level, the rider jumps off the wingsuiter before they both deploy parachutes at around 4,000 feet high.

“Wingsuit rodeos are advanced and require an experienced wingsuiter as well as an experienced rider.”