Crocodile Young-dee! Little Girl Bathes, Plays With, And Sleeps With Her 4ft 5in Pet Crocodile

This Crocodile YOUNG-DEE bathes, plays with and sleeps with her 4ft 5in pet croc – despite being just three years old.

In shocking footage tot Rani, from Tangerang in the Banten province of Indonesia, is seen dragging the dangerous croc round by its tail and washing with it in the family bathroom without fear.

Pic Eko Siswono Toyudho/Caters News

The eight-month-old estuarine crocodile, named Ndut, was bought by Rani’s parents when he was just 15 centimetres long but the fearsome reptile has now increased in size to 4ft 5ins and weighs a fearsome 4st 7lbs – heavier than the little girl herself.

Rani’s parents said her daughter is unfazed by her reptilian play pal and has no qualms being in close quarters with the predatory creature – and hope their daughter will become a zookeeper when she grows up.

Indonesian photojournalist Eko Siswono Toyudho, 37, from Jakarta, who filmed the footage, said: “Rani plays with the croc just like other girls play with their dolls.

“Her other friends stay well out of the way, but Rani sits right next to him and loves to play with her toys next to him.

Pic Eko Siswono Toyudho/Caters News

“It felt quite scary watching her play with the crocodile because he seemed heavier than her.

“But from what I saw in the house, the crocodile is quite safe because the father always accompanies Rani while she is playing with him.

“Twice a week they feed their beloved crocodile with half a kilogram of chicken heads.

“The other kids weren’t brave enough to touch Ndut, but Rani loves to rub his skin from head to tail and even likes to take the croc to sleep by her side at bed time.”

Rani is used to interacting with wild animals, as her parents also keep a collection of exotic snakes and snakes and large birds in their home – which can be seen in the video.

Pic Eko Siswono Toyudho/Caters News

Her parents swapped a previous pet for the crocodile after his former owner was unable to look after him, but they insisted their little girl is in no danger despite her unusual animal friend.

Rani’s dad Synhrul Effendi said he hoped Rani would maintain her fearless attitude and love for animals in the future.

Eko said: “The parents said they easily become attached to wild animals around the neighbourhood.

Pic Eko Siswono Toyudho/Caters News

“The house has other animals, her parents take care three kinds of python, a parrot, and a monkey.

“They said they had to take care of them after the previous owners said they could not take care of them anymore.

“They have one ball python that Rani loves to carry and two other pythons which she loves to jump around.

“Rani really is an animal lover, because not only does she play with the croc and the snakes, she also loves the cats and to feed the parrot.

“Rani’s parents hope that someday in the future she can work in a zoo that is familiar with wild animals.”

Pic Eko Siswono Toyudho/Caters News