Crafty videographer tricks fiancé into being part of cinematic proposal

This crafty videographer managed to pull off an incredible one-of-a-kind proposal, tricking his fiance into think she was part of a romantic stock video shoot.

The result of Matthew Paquette’s loving surprise was an incredible cinematic video – the key part of the four-minute-long piece being Matthew’s proposal to Carla Agnew atop of a ferris wheel.

Based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Matthew, 22, and Clara, 23, headed to the local carnival on August 4, 2018.

Pic by Matthew Paquette / Caters –

There, at an event call Kempenfest, the couple week filmed in a variety of slow-motion stock video scenes – grabbing a bite together, throwing darts, and walking amongst the glittering lights of the carnival.

The proposal was a rather last-minute call, Matthew admits, but the location itself held extra meaning: it was one of the first places the couple visited and where photographed together, two years ago.

A few days before the shoot, Matthew – who runs a stock video site – asked Clara if she would mind if a videographer were to follow them around the carnival; she loved the idea.

Pic by Matthew Paquette / Caters

Matthew said: “As far as planning went, there really wasn’t much at all.

“We didn’t have permission to film.

“We didn’t ask if we could take the camera on the ferris wheel.

“We didn’t tell anyone running the carnival what we were doing.”

On the ferris wheel, an emotional Clara can be seen suddenly realizing what she has been a part of, the next scene of the finalized footage showing her delight as she returns to ground level to celebrate with family and friends.

Pic by Matthew Paquette / Caters

The final four-minute video was set to Lord Huron’s apt track, “The Night We Met,” and the cinematic package has since received a lot of positive feedback.

Matthew added: “Everything went so smoothly and the footage looked great.

“Clara had no idea what was going on and was so happy her friends and family were there.

“We also didn’t expect this much attention, but were so excited that we can share our moment with so many other people.”