Coupon queen blags luxury £2,500 Christmas for just £350

A savvy shopper dubbed the coupon queen has blagged a luxury £2,500 Christmas with all the trimmings for just £350.

Coupon Queen

Coupon queen, Emma Mumford

Emma Mumford, 21, from Dorchester, Dorset has planned a luxury Christmas for her and her family including food, drink and top quality presents such as perfume and games consoles- but she has spent just £350 on the entire thing.

Coupon Queen

After spending hours hunting the best deal, Emma Mumford managed to get £2500 worth of luxury gifts for just £350

Emma is an extreme couponer and spends hours hunting out the best deals and bargains to be had.

Coupon Queen

Emma has been collecting her coupons since January ready for the Christmas period

She has been shopping and saving since January this year to get her coupon Christmas sorted and she has managed to collect expensive and luxury presents for her mum and dad and her boyfriend Mitch- all without breaking the bank.

Coupon Queen

Emma admits that she loves to grab a bargain and urges others to make the most of money saving deals

Emma said: “I love getting a bargain- it is addictive.

“I have been preparing for this Christmas since the end of the last one- January sales are a great place to pick up bargains.

“I noticed lots of great deals in the shops and online about August so I made an effort to collect bits and bobs such as Gucci perfume, Body Shop toiletries and make up.

“I love the rush of getting a good bargain and I have been lucky enough to use my experience to help others save money.

“I know it can seem a bit daunting to begin with, but with a little bit of effort serious savings can be made.”

Emma has saved herself £2,000 by using coupons, online codes and being savvy shopper by checking price comparison websites and as a result collected more presents than she needed for Christmas.

Amazingly, after sorting out gifts for all of her family she has been able to donate £1,000 worth of presents to her local hospital.

Emma said: “It has been so nice to have Christmas sorted and not having to worry about being in debt or breaking the bank.

“I wanted to get high quality presents for my family and show that you can do it without spending a fortune.

“There is a misconception that everyone who does couponing only gets value products but through my careful shopping I have managed to purchase designer perfumes, a high end coffee machine and an Xbox One for a fraction of the recommended retail price.”

Since starting saving money a year ago, Emma has quit her job working in Next to work full time as an extreme couponer.

She has turned her bargain-hunting obsession into a business – where she scouts out the best deals and offer tips to the general public through video blogging and her Extreme Couponing Facebook Page.

She now has over 80,000 likes on her Facebook page and dedicates her days to dishing out money-saving advice.

Emma said: “What started as a hobby to help me save money has turned into my life and I am able to run a business helping people save money.

“I know what it feels like to struggled as my ex-partner had a lot of debt which I took on for him. We were in a dire situation where every penny counted.

“That’s what really spurred me on. I saw the Extreme Couponing programme on TV and I thought ‘How are these Americans doing it?!

“I thought there must be something here in the UK that can help me so I just went online, found a few sites and started from there and then it just grew.”

Emma said: “I want to show people that being a couponer isn’t just about beings stingy or tight with money. I have managed to coupon luxury presents such as Gucci perfume, a coffee machine and Xbox and make up.

“I try and show people that it is just a little bit of work in the beginning but it will eventually pay off.

“One of the best things to do is just to be a bit forward thinking and save throughout the year.

“Christmas is expensive for everyone, no matter how little or how much you spend- but I am so pleased to have a luxury Christmas all wrapped up for under £500.”