Couple who vowed to visit every continent before having a baby announce they are pregnant on final stop in Antarctica

A COUPLE who vowed to visit every continent before having a baby has just announced they are pregnant – on their final stop in Antarctica.

Childhood sweethearts Jordi Lippe-McGraw and hubby Ross McGraw promised to “go on lots of adventures” when they tied the knot back in 2015.

CATERS: In Netherlands

They decided to visit all seven continents together before trying to fall pregnant.

In Janaury they reached Antarctica – their final stop – where they confirmed they are now expecting a baby boy.

Jordi and Ross, who have been dating since their teens, told family and friends: “We made each other a promise that we would visit all the continents before we had kids.

“So, it makes sense to announce from Antarctica, our final continent, that we are expecting Baby Boy McGraw this May. We can’t wait for this next adventure!”

Over the past two years the couple have visited Africa, Europe, north and south America, Australasia, Asia and finally Antarctica before announcing their pregnancy.

CATERS: Great Wall of China

During their travels they have been on safari, bike riding in Amsterdam and seen the Sydney Opera House and Big Ben.

They also visited the Great Wall of China, Bermuda, saw flowing lava in Hawaii and enjoyed picturesque St Lucia.

Travel writer Jordi found out she was pregnant in Luxemburg – after an inconclusive test result in Brussels – on a road trip around Europe.

She and TV exec husband Ross are now expecting their first child together in May this year.

Jordi, who lives with Ross in Manhattan, New York, said: “We had travelled together prior to getting married, but have hit all the continents since getting married. We made a pact to visit all of them before having children.

CATERS: In Park City, Utah

“In our wedding vows we promised each other a life of adventure and made this a fun challenge.

“Antarctica was our final continent and I was 20 weeks pregnant when we went.

“We had booked this trip about 2 years prior, so I had no idea I would be pregnant.

“We saw thousands of penguins, went hiking on a volcano, kayaking through icebergs, and we even spent one blustery night in tent on the ice.

‘’We have been together since we were 17 years old.


‘’The reaction to our news has been so great. People loved the idea of us traveling and then to announce our pregnancy on the final stop was perfect.

‘’I hope that the baby catches the travel bug too.

‘’We will definitely keep traveling when we have him – but maybe not to Antarctica just yet.’’