Couple who became pet sitters across the world save enough to buy dream home!

A couple have finally realised their dream of getting on the property ladder – after they swapped paying extortionate London rent prices for travelling the world PET SITTING to save money.

Charlie Green, 37, and her husband, Daniel, 38, were dedicated city workers but dreamed of a very different life, travelling the world, after meeting at Birmingham University back in 2003.

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Although they both had well-paying jobs, forking out almost £15,000 a year in rent meant they were never able to get the deposit they needed for a home – and definitely couldn’t afford to travel the world as they planned.

But after ditching their London rented pad and signing up to a pet-sitting website, they managed to stay in luxury homes around the world for FREE – while still earning and fulfilling their travelling dream.

Having signed themselves up to the petsitting website,, the pair travelled to 12 countries, in 12 months – saving a whopping £1,200 a month on their London rent – allowing them to get on the property ladder.

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They’ve now been able to put down a deposit on a five-bed house, worth £650,000 in Newton Ferrers, Devon.

Charlie, who now works as a head of marketing for a paddle board company, said: “Our home for more than a month was a stunning five-bedroom house with a pool and cinema room, our job was to look after an adorable dog called Moby, a cat called Mr Binx and a horse named Prince.”

Daniel, who now has his own drone business, said: “It was bliss to be in one place for more than a few nights which was definitely needed to rest our minds, bodies and souls after our hectic itinerary in India and Nepal.

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“The pets needed various forms of special treatment and love in terms of their diet and medicine which kept us close to them but given we’d travelled so far around the world we were quite happy with this arrangement.

“We were desperate to go to the next level of owning our own house and wanted more from life. I even sold my car.

“It meant we were ultimately able to buy our dream home.”

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The couple, who lived in Tooting Bec, South London, commuted into the city for their marketing jobs every day, but after getting married in 2012 and flying to Amalfi coast, Italy, they both realised they yearned to explore the world in a much bigger way.

Without the necessary life-savings to embark on their adventure, their travel aspirations seemed out of reach until Charlie, stumbled upon an article in a magazine about

By offering their services as free live-in house and pet sitters, the couple could stay in homes while the owners travelled and had the companionship of an adorable pet wherever they chose to stay.

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This was all the incentive the couple needed to step out of the rat race and travel the world. The couple signed up, and after leaving their jobs, they found themselves on a plane to Mumbai in February 2013, where their adventures began.

Daniel said: “The tourist trail is so well travelled now it’s hard to find the kind of authentic experience in new cultures and communities which house and pet sitting provides.

“It allowed us to slowly immerse ourselves in communities, to connect with the locals and gain a deeper, more natural experience which is truly special.”

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Daniel and Charlie visited 12 countries, including Spain, India and South East Asia, over 12 months but it was thanks to their petsitting service that it helped them save a third of their travel budget.

They returned to the UK and line up more house and pet sits back in London, so they could look for work in the capital.

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Daniel said: “After our round-the-world adventures, we spent three months house and pet sitting five different London properties in Fulham, Battersea, Kensington and Hampstead.

“These were all fabulous homes in fantastic areas with adorable cats and dogs. We learned more about living in London in those three months than we did in ten years of living in our own London flat.”

In 2016 Daniel and Charlie decided to leave London and use the money they had saved to buy a house in the picturesque village of Newton Ferrers, Devon.

Having spent so much of their time looking after other people’s pets, the couple decided to buy a dog of their own, Labrador, Lola, and are now looking for a trusted petsitter to look after their own home.

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Charlie said: “We have experienced many house sits ourselves and are excited to be able to invite people into our home to repay the amazing warmth and generosity we knew.

“It’s the only way we could travel with peace of mind when leaving Lola and the chickens, but above all, it has given us the freedom to live our life the way we always wanted to, while helping us to afford to do so at the same time.”