Clever mum uses strategically placed fruit and vegetables to create stunning dresses for her daughter

Pic from Caters News/ @seasunstefani

A clever mum has used strategically placed fruit and veg to create stunning ‘dresses’ for her little girl.

Alya Chaglar and her daughter, Stefani, 3, clearly have a blast creating the fruity frocks and the pair have gained a huge online following with more than 20,000 people checking out their food-based fashion line on Instagram.

The 31-year-old, from Antalya in Turkey, first came up with the idea when she held up a slice of watermelon for Stefani and the then two-year-old came to life.

Pic from Caters News/@seasunstefani

The mum then went on to try out a whole host of food, including bananas and cauliflower, before moving onto flowers.

Alya said: “For me these pictures are more about Stefani’s personality, not about the dresses.

The project was made for fun, I never thought that it would become so famous one day.

Pic from Caters News/@seasunstefani

“She loves modelling, she enjoys the process and loves to look at her pictures afterwards.

“It only ever takes five minutes to get a picture. Her smile, facial expressions and her poses are all very natural.”

Pic from Caters News/@seasunstefani

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