Chunky dunker – obese mum who binged on over 5000 biscuit a year sheds a whopping 12 stone

An obese mum who binged on over 5000 biscuits a year has shed a whopping 12 stone after ditching the sugary snacks.

Biscuits that Nicola used to gorge on

Biscuits that Nicola used to gorge on

Nicola Russell, 34, from Walker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, tipped the scales at 22 stone and was a size-26 after becoming addicted to cookies, biscuits and chocolate bars.

But she was left horrified when she saw a photograph of herself in pyjamas and realised that behind the smile she was in fact miserable.

The full-time-mum-of-two, went on to shed half her body weight – and is now a slender size eight – after kick-starting a healthy eating plan to become a fitter mother.

She now weighs a healthy 10 stone and is setting a better example for her two children, Macey-Jean, 9, and David Jnr, 4.

Nicola said: “I was a chunky dunker – I would easily eat a whole packet of biscuits in one sitting with a cup of tea.

“I would buy whatever biscuits were on offer, it didn’t matter just as long as I got my daily fix.

“My diet was so unhealthy and when I saw the photo of me in my pyjamas I realised how obese and unhappy I really was.

Nicole stays away from biscuits now

Nicole stays away from biscuits now

“Having children made all the difference too, it upset me that I couldn’t play with my kids and I really wanted to be a fit and healthy mum so they would be proud of me.

“I didn’t want them to get picked on at school because of my weight and I wanted to set a good example.

“I wouldn’t even go on rides at theme parks just in case the safety bar wouldn’t come down – I used to say I was scared to avoid the embarrassment.

“After realising how much I was missing out on I decided to ditch the habit and it was the best thing I ever did.

“I now eat healthily, cook fresh food and enjoy exercising, I love the new me and couldn’t be more happier.”

After taking on her own hairdressing business Nicola found she had no time to exercise or cook and would snack on at least one packet of biscuits a day.

But now Nicola has transformed her diet of crisps, biscuits and takeaways to healthy, fresh meals and now spends at least one hour every day exercising.

Nicola’s weight loss journey began 24-months ago and her husband of eight years, David Russell, 30, has supported her every step of the way.

Nicola with husband David and children, David Jnr and Macey - Jean

Nicola with husband David and children, David Jnr and Macey – Jean

Nicola said: “On planes I could never have a meal or a drink because I couldn’t pull down the tray that was attached to the chair in front because of my size.

“I’ve been so lucky though as my family have been so supportive and believed in me from the very beginning.

“When I was at my heaviest David told me that I didn’t seem like myself anymore, and that was the final straw for me.

“I used to question how he could love me being as big as I was, but he has been by my side the whole way through.

“He fell in love with me when I was big, but now he can pick me up and give me hugs, he would’ve broken his back if he’d tried that before.

“Now as a family we all eat healthier as a result.”

Biscuits that Nicola used to gorge on

Biscuits that Nicola used to gorge on

Nicola would skip breakfast, have a whole pack of biscuits with her cup of tea, eat full fat yoghurts, crisps, chocolate bars and then finish with a take-away.

Nicola said: “When I ordered a take away I would order the full works – a starter, sides, main and devour it all.

“But it was Crunch Cream biscuits that I was really addicted to.

“I felt like it was ok to eat a whole pack because there were only around ten or twelve in a pack.

“I did try lots of fad diets but nothing worked, I’d always put the weight back on and revert back to my old habits.

“But then I started using Juice Plus and it’s really changed my life.

“I started swapping two meals with a nutritional shake, and I now eat clean snacks and a clean meal every day too.

Nicole before her weight loss

Nicole before her weight loss

“I’ve since become a Juice Plus representative and I really would recommend it to anyone, it really does work, I’m living proof.

“Now when I’m smiling in photographs it’s a real, genuine smile, I’ve never felt happier.”

The main benefit for Nicola is that she can be the mum she has always wanted to be.

She said: “Now Macey-Jean and I can wear matching clothes, something I never thought I would be able to do because I always had to buy plus sizes.

“I couldn’t believe it when I bought a size eight the other day, it just goes to show what hard work and a lot of effort can achieve.

“I’ve got a whole new zest for life and that can only reflect well on my two lovely children.

“I’ve ditched the biscuits and I just hope others will be inspired to do the same – if I can do it, anybody can.”