Christmas miracle twins – Cancer survivor with more chance of winning lottery than falling pregnant celebrates birth of natural twins

A cancer survivor who ‘had more chance of winning the lottery than falling pregnant’ has given birth to natural TWINS.

 Vickie Sandilands, 33, was rendered almost infertile by doctors after undergoing gruelling rounds of chemotherapy to treat a rare form of breast cancer in 2014.

PIC FROM Dave Charnley/Caters News

 But in May last year Vickie and her partner, Chris Jessop, 32, were over the moon when they realised they were expecting twins.

 After five days in hospital, Ella-Rose and Sebastian Jessop, who both weighed over 5lbs, were released from hospital on Christmas Day 2017 – the best present of all for the new parents.

 They are now celebrating the twins being one year old and hope their story will inspire other parents not to give up.

 Vickie, a full time mum said: “I was told I was practically infertile after cancer treatment and that it was more likely that I’d win the lottery.

 “It wasn’t until three years after my diagnosis and treatment that I started to feel really ill as though I was constantly hungover.

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 “I decided to take a test anyway but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

 “We couldn’t believe it when we saw the two lines appear and at my two month scan we were told it was twins.

 “Following my harsh cancer treatment I didn’t think I’d be having one baby, never mind two.

“They were born at nearly 37 weeks and they were absolutely perfect.

“It was the best Christmas present to have Ella-Rose and Sebastian home for December 25 last year.”

Due to Vickie’s family having a history of cancer, she opted to have genetic testing aged 28 which revealed she had the BRCA1 gene.

PIC FROM Dave Charnley/Caters News

Two weeks after the tests, Vickie noticed her right nipple was leaking fluid and she noticed a small lump in her right breast which led to a biopsy.

Vickie said: “I had grade three breast cancer meaning most of my cells were triple negative – due to this I had to have the aggressive form of chemotherapy as hormonal treatment wouldn’t work for me.

“All of my hair fell out, it was terrible and the treatment made my chances of conceiving very slim.

“My family dreams were ruined in an instant but I was thankful to doctors saving my life. 

“I’ve now had a double mastectomy as well as my ovaries and tubes removed to reduce my risk of cancer.”

 Prior to Vickie’s miraculous pregnancy, they couple were looking into donor eggs meaning the child would not have been biologically Vickie’s.

PIC FROM Dave Charnley/Caters News

 She added: “I was desperate to be a mum and while we’d not fallen pregnant after trying for three years, I was willing to try anything.

 “The donor eggs was an option but thankfully my miracle pregnancy happened in May.

 “Ella-Rose and Sebastian are so perfect and have completed our family, we are so grateful to be parents.

“It’s crazy that they were released on Christmas but it makes this time of year extra special for us.”