Christmas crazy couple spend five weeks covering house in lights – for twentieth year in a row

By Mollie Mansfield and Iain Watts

A Christmas crazy couple have spent five weeks covering their house in festive decorations for the TWENTIETH year running.

Karen, 55, and Frank Williams, 56, have been decorating the front of their house, on Amberley Close, Wirral, for the past 20 years to give their neighbours festive cheer.

Despite initially covering their house in lights for the first eight years just for their own enjoyment, the couple have since been raising money for charity Claire House Children’s Hospice and have collected over £20,000.


And, with some encouragement, the couple convinced the rest of the Close to join in and decorate their houses – meaning that the Saughall Massie street could be one of the most festive in the UK.

Karen, a painter, said: “We’ve been doing the lights for the past 20 years and we’ll be doing it until we have our last breath.


“Myself and Frank started putting our Christmas decorations up at the end of October, and just finished recently.

“Then when ours are done, I go and help the neighbours do there’s too.

“We did the big Christmas light switch on last Friday (November 30), where everyone in the street turned theirs on in unison.

“I love Christmas, but mainly it’s about seeing the enjoyment on the children’s faces when they see the lights.


“Also it’s a great way to spread Christmas cheer, whilst raising money for an amazing charity.”

Alongside decorating the house, the Christmas fanatics also keep the magic of Christmas alive in other ways.

She said: “We keep a post box outside of our house, and children can post their letters to Santa in there.


“Then every night, I take all of the letters and write letters from Santa back to send to the children. I usually get through 350 letters a month.

“And Frank has dressed up as Santa for years – he puts on his £350 suit and hops on the sleigh he built outside.

“All of this helps us raise even more money for charity and doesn’t take much time or money. In fact, our electric bill only goes up by £60 for the entire month we have them up!


“It’s all worth it for the ill children – life is hard enough for those children, so it’s great that we can help give them a magical Christmas.”