Cheeky married couple at butt of joke taking internet by storm


Pic from Rachel Bracken / Caters NEWS

A married couple who dared to bare all on Instagram as a joke accidentally started social media’s most bizarre craze.

The woman behind social media sensation Cheeky Exploits which now has 234,000 people waiting to see another stranger’s bottom claims it was started as a laugh with her husband.

The raunchy trend which encourages people to share photos of themselves often in full nudity has left ‘Cheeky‘ who has asked to remain anonymous with 1,000 bottoms in her inbox.

Cheeky from London said: “I absolutely never expected to have a following like this. I only started it as a cheeky joke with my husband and friends.

“It took about eight months to get a thousand followers as it was mostly friends for a long time then the media picked it up and it just went crazy!

Pic from Rachel Bracken / Caters NEWS 

“I get butts from all over the world and from all kinds of butts. I post most of them but I have about 1,000 in my inbox I haven’t even gotten to so it takes time!”

A daring Instagram page full of naked bottoms in often extraordinary locations has an unlikely curator who started the profile with shots of her and her husband.

Despite the online gallery of 319 backsides, only a handful of bottoms have outraged Instagram users enough to report them as inappropriate.

Cheeky whose husband takes on the role of photographer when she wants to flash, hopes that the page will help body confidence and be a positive platform for people to feel liberated.

Pic from Rachel Bracken / Caters NEWS 

She said said: “I setup the account after a friend showed me another account where a guy took naked pictures of himself all over the world and I always just thought flashing was funny so I started one about butts.

“The only ones I don’t post are the ones that are poor quality or too sexual.  It wasn’t diverse as first because I just wasn’t getting diverse submissions but I’m happy to say that has changed!

Pic from Rachel Bracken / Caters NEWS

“A lot of people write me to say they sent it because my page gave them the confidence to just be free and empowered.

“I’ve thankfully only had a few photos removed because they were reported!

“All butts are beautiful to me and all butts are also funny!

“My husband is super supportive and is my main photographer! He loves it and always helps me get away with my antics!