Baby’s brotherly bond with real teddy bear toy poodle will melt your heart!

Pic from Caters News

This adorable baby has something much better than a teddy bear- a toy poodle for a big brother.

Parents of eight-month-old Jo-ichiro, Akiko and Kazuaki Tani, both 46, from Japan, have taken Instagram by storm with moments shared by him and dog, Alex.

The amazing relationship between baby, Jo and 18-month-old Alex, proves the language of play is the only communication mischief needs.

Mum, Akiko said: “They’ve been close together since Jo was born and are such good friends, they’re more like brothers.

“I doubt Alex even realises he’s a dog at all as he definitely seems to think he is a big bro of Jo.

“Jo is a very happy baby, he giggles a lot and likes Alex so much he grabs him all the time!

“Jo even found my magazines and catalogues which he managed to destroy with the help of Alex- you could see on their faces how much they enjoyed it.”

“They share absolutely everything, Alex plays with Jo’s toys and Jo plays with Alex’s toys- they really are inseparable. ”

Pic from Caters News

Using the Instagram handle, @alex_060515 Akiko started sharing photos of the then puppy, Alex but it was not until Jo joined the family that her follows soared.

Alex’s uncanny resemblance to a teddy bear makes his playful relationship with Jo all the more endearing.

English teacher, Akiko said: “My husband and I got married in 2014 and we didn’t think we were able to have new family members because we are in middle of 40s.

“So we decided to keep a dog to complete our family and we stopped in the pet store we met two-month-old Alex.

“We were just looking and not planning to take any dogs from there at that time but as soon as I met him, I couldn’t go home without him!

And just after Alex joined us, I was pregnant! I think Alex brought a baby to us!

Pic from Caters News

“I didn’t think we’d be so popular at all. My followers were not so many and I didn’t get many comments but since I started to post my baby with Alex, everything has escalated.”

The affection Akiko had for her toy poodle was so great that she was worried it could not be eclipsed by her child.

“I love Jo and Alex and how close they are, I think they are extremely cute!

“I really used to love Alex so much before Jo came, I wasn’t sure I could love Jo anymore than him.

Pic from Caters News

“But it was stupid thinking, of course that wasn’t the case when Jo joined our family-I love them both!

“Alex loves people, especially small kids however he doesn’t like being around other dogs.

“I’ve posted videos on my Instagram account before of Alex’s tail going down when he sees other dogand  then he runs away!”